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Integrating Sales

Integrating Sales and Service Channels: a Comarch Open Platform

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Front Office 2.0 for BNP Paribas Faktoring

The goal of BNP Paribas Faktoring was to create a friendly user desktop, which would be suitable for easy use and gaining knowledge about the transactions carried out.

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Comarch Digital Insurance at P&V

The digital transformation of P&V Group’s life insurance business.

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DNB Poland case study

Online Banking Ecosystem for DNB Poland

The goal of the project was to provide the bank with a completely new system built on the cutting edge technologies and the most recent IT trends.

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Comarch at ttb bank case study

Comarch at Thanachart bank

The goal of the project was to provide the bank with a completely new system built on the cutting edge technologies and the most recent IT trends.

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oldmutual case study

Old Mutual and Comarch cooperation

Comarch supported them in achieving the goal by creating the Old Mutual Rewards – a behavior-oriented B2C loyalty program

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Online banking ecosystem for corporate clients at BNP Paribas in Poland

Comarch is in the middle of a project to implement an innovative online banking ecosystem for corporate clients at BNP Paribas in Poland. We’re using latest cloud technologies and microservices – not only to deliver new business value faster but also to increase resiliency and reduce technical downtime.

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Factoring data migration from Raiffeisen to BNP

Comarch was selected as a provider of data migration services from a factoring platform used by Raiffeisen to another platform working at BNP Paribas. The amount of data to be migrated was so substantial that it nearly doubled the business volume of BNP in Poland.

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bnp paribas case study

Comarch Internet Banking at BGŻ BNP Paribas

From the start Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas has geared its activities toward creating a professional client service. The Bank, which has both a private and corporate banking segment, has made it a goal to deliver services of the highest quality using all that modern technology allows.

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Axa case study

Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials at AXA Assurances Luxembourg

In 2016, AXA Luxembourg selected Comarch as software provider to collaborate on the implementation of a new front-office solution. The solution was to enable the insurer to provide its distribution network with a modern sales and client-servicing tool, keep up with new regulations, and, as regards customer experience, set the basis for an omnichannel strategy.

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Raiffeisen case study

Comarch Corporate Banking at Raiffeisen

Raiffeisen Bank Polska required a modern solution to manage a growing number of trade finance products as well as an overwhelming amount of related paperwork. As processing these products in the old way of exchanging e-mails or sending faxes, delivering documents in hard copies and signing issuance orders in pen could no longer cut the mustard, the bank has come forward with a concept of digitizing the process. That's where Comarch stepped in.

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ING case study

Comarch Corporate Banking at ING

Facing a competitive market in Polish corporate banking, ING Bank in Poland needed ways to innovate and make its offering stand out. In 2007, ING Poland gained a competitive edge by adopting Comarch’s Corporate Banking software, providing a superior, and constantly improving, corporate banking experience.

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Idea bank case study

Comarch Commission & Incentive at Idea Bank

Idea Bank strived for introducing a system that could not only allow to shorten the process of commission calculations, but also serve detailed data on commission costs on all levels of the sales process, control the efficiency of motivational systems and detect commission frauds.

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aegon case study

Comarch Commission & Incentive at Aegon Services

The insurance group decided to implement Comarch Commission & Incentive to manage their sales network as well as calculations and commission settlements in a distribution company model, thus supporting the insurance companies of Aegon Group in Poland and its largest partners.

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Comprehensive Insurance Solutions at ONEY

The aim of the Comarch Life & NonLife Insurance implementation at Oney Insurance (PCC) Limited was to automateand increase the efficiency of the insurer’s internal operations and cooperation with external companies that distribute Oney insurance products and handle claims in many European countries including Poland

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Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials at UNIQA

UNIQA wanted to extend the existing IT infrastructure with additional customer communication channels, expand the customer knowledge base and implement tools to shorten time of sales and after-sales service.

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allianz case study

Comarch NonLife Insurance at TUiR Allianz Polska S.A.

The financial-accounting module of the Comarch NonLife insurance solution supports settlements with reinsurers at TUiR Allianz Polska S.A.

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delta lloyd case study

Comarch Underwriting at Delta Lloyd Life

Delta Lloyd Life chooses Comarch solutions to streamline their underwriting proce. Delta Lloyd Life has decided to cooperate with Comarch mostly because of the process-orientation of the solutions and their ability to offer a global view of the customer.

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TMB case study

Comarch Corporate Banking for TMB Bank

The main objective of the project was to augment the existing set of products and services offered by the bank via internet channel by introducing a new internet banking system for business clients, covering the areas of cash management, trade finance and lending. During the life of the project, the original objective was extended - instead of just delivering missing functionalities, it was decided that Comarch Corporate Banking should completely replace existing front-end solutions for business clients.

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Idea bank case study

Comarch Commission & Incentive at Prudential

Expanding their international footprint, Prudential’s objective was to streamline the management of an extensive, multi-level sales network structure. This included supporting the entire salesperson life cycle, from onboarding, training, authorization up to offboarding, building powerful compensation schemes, defining advanced calculation algorithms, and generating detailed settlement data and documentation.

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Swiss Life Case Study

Comprehensive Group Life Insurance Solution At Swiss Life

Owing to the implementation of the Comarch solution all Swiss Life insurance processes are fully covered. The full range of insurance products are supported and all contracts managed in one system.

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Comarch open platform

How To Build a Banking Ecosystem: a Comarch Open Platform

A lead commercial bank in Poland was at the stage of operationalizing one joint Small Office/Home Office strategy focused on digital transformation. One of the fundamental elements was the launch of a joint-ecosystem platform aiming at acquisition and loyalization of SOHO customers.

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