Comarch Loan Origination

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Maintain top performance at managing a full range of loan products for all types of individual and business customers

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Comarch Loan Origination is a modern platform dedicated to financial institutions that offer credit products for all types of customers via any sales channel. The design of our lending platform is based on the proprietary solution, Comarch Business Process Management. Thanks to this, all the parameters of a loan product, the process itself and the associated screens and printouts can be tailored according to the client’s needs. Moreover, the solution can be used to design and configure any kind of business processes.

Our loan origination system provides a comprehensive service of credit processes and enables business administrators in the financial institution to independently manage all of the elements of the processes, including a process itself, user screens, printouts, business parameters and logic (algorithms). The configurability and flexibility of Comarch Loan Origination decrease the time of implementing changes or new products to the minimum. Its testing functions allow to implement correct and verified products. Thus, all functions that are necessary to sell banking products for individual or business clients are now available on a single lending platform.

Key business advantages

End-to-end support for loan processes

No stage is left out: identification of customers' needs, loan simulation, filing an application, making a loan decision, signing an agreement and disbursing the funds

Loan-approval process automation

Configurable underwriting algorithms take into account the credit offer conditions comparing to the customer's financial standing, its scoring/rating and results of its verification in different databases.

System connectivity

Seamless communication with external and legacy systems is guaranteed by the platform thanks to its ability to exchange data directly between various components

Ergonomics and re-usability

Even non-expert users can quickly design complex processes, user input forms and printout templates, taking advantage of previously defined processes as subroutines

Process auditability

The platform records the entire history of a process, providing data on all participating users, dates of modifications and loan statuses

Reduced risk

The risk of errors occurring in the process of loan granting is next to none as the system ensures data correctness and consistency

Comprehensive services

Clients are supported by our specialists during system implementation projects as well as in the context of independent analytical and advisory service

Cost savings

Operating costs are significantly reduced due to efficient management of the organization’s activities allowing for quick reactions to market changes

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Comarch Loan Origination marries a mature set of features with a flexible approach. The system stands out from other solutions available on the market due to its high flexibility, which allows the adjustment of processes to the actual needs of the financial institution. The key features of the platform include:

  • Automation and end-to-end support – considerably decreases the time needed to go through credit application processing, starting from pre-sale activities such as simulation to agreement completion and complemented by process monitoring and after-sales support
  • System connectivity – Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) enable direct data exchange between various components and thus the platform can be the orchestrator of requests to external and legacy systems
  • Wide range of business customization – no technical knowledge is needed to make modifications in the system, which thus enables business employees to quickly respond to changing market and legal conditions, significantly reducing time-to-market
  • Full management of loan documentation – all printouts are based on templates to automate the preparation of loan documentation; there are modules to generate applications, contracts, schedules, etc., as well as to collect income certificates and financial statements needed in a loan process
  • Cost savings – the platform consists of modules which provide a wide range of tools essential for sales of loan products; the modular structure implies that the financial institution is charged only for the functions they actually use
  • Technology – Comarch Loan Origination is based on well-tested, reliable solutions, that allow to work in a variety of client and server environments, and also provide scalability, high performance and availability

Last but not least, Comarch has a unique combination of skills under a single roof: business, technical (design and development), UX, implementation, integration, and maintenance. During the project implementation and also after the roll-out, Comarch’s goal is to accompany the client in employing new ideas and processes in order to create the optimal model adjusted to their specific needs and business context.

The modular structure of Comarch Loan Origination implies that its implementations may be performed in stages. The system modules cover the entire area of credit processes, from initial calculations and submission of the application, customer link by analyzing the creditworthiness, scoring and rating assessment, up to making an automatic or manual credit decisions, signing a credit agreement and releasing the funds in the core system of the financial institution.

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