Loan Origination software by COMARCH

Which client segments would you like to cater to?

Comarch Loan Origination software provides solutions for all segments: retail, SME or corporate.

loan origination engine

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Which credit products would you like to deliver?

The platform incorporates a full portfolio of credit products – starting from quick loans for retail customers, through mortgage origination processes, up to complex business loans for SMEs or corporations. Comarch Loan Origination software also supports multi-product and multi-entity agreements plus different cross- and up-sell strategies.

Retail loans
Cash loans
Installment loans
Credit cards
Revolving loans
Overdraft facility
Consolidation loans
Car loans
Student loans
Commercial loans
Investment loans
Working capital loans
Overdraft facility
Credit accounts
Credit/charge cards
Preferential loans
Refinance loans
Guaranties and warranties
Letters of credit
Mortgage loans
Equity loans
Refinance mortgages
Bridge loans
Bullet loans
Fixed and variable rate loans
Mortgage credit insurance
Comarch Loan Origination

What can our loan origination software do?

Comarch Loan Origination system is a comprehensive tool that will run all stages of lending process starting from data collection up to fund disbursement – with all steps in between automated. It is designed to fit the market need for digital and automated lending experience.

loan origination main process

CLO main processes

Key benefits
Automated processes
Increased productivity
Easy integration
Quick implementation

What’s in it for your lending business

  • Process automation supporting the digital transformation of your lending processes
  • Considerably decreased time needed to process credit applications
  • Single lending platform – comprehensive info about the loan origination business
  • Dashboards to monitor sales structure and volumes
  • Increased productivity – less repetitive tasks
  • Task management – to coordinate team efficiency
  • Low code solution – quick adjustments to changing legal or market conditions, no IT expertise needed
  • Cost savings – you pay only for modules you want to use
  • 6 months to go-live
lending business
Ready to go, mature product – choose modules you want to implement. Then expand them as you please – with new features, business segments, loan products and processes.

What’s in it for your employees

  • Reduced risk of error – the system guides the user and ensures data consistency
  • Single data entry – no need to type the same data multiple times
  • Automated flows – no time-consuming processes
  • Paperless approach, documents kept and distributed digitalized form
  • One tool for all process actors, internal communication tooling included
  • My Inbox – to easily manage all incoming cases accordingly to SLA priorities
what's in for your employees

What’s in it for your customers

  • Apply from anywhere – multichannel approach: mobile application, online portal, meeting in a branch
  • Fast pre-qualification and credit decision
  • Digital document flow
  • Notifications about application statuses
  • Decision and fund disbursement within minutes for simple loans
what's in for your customers
Shorten your processes by 30 to 70% for simple products.
Reduce your costs and mitigate credit risk with Comarch Loan Origination software.

What’s in it for risk and compliance dept

  • PSD II and Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) compliance
  • Quick adaptation to changing legal requirements
  • Process auditability – full record of process history including data of participating users, modifications dates and loan statuses
whats in for risk and compliance dept

What’s in it for your IT dept

  • Platform based on well-tested, reliable solutions
  • Scalability, high performance and availability
  • Possibility to run in a variety of client and server environments
  • Modern architecture and open API approach for easy integration with external and legacy systems
  • Low code visual webservices editor
what's in for your IT department

How we implement loan origination software

how it works point

We deliver a mature product to start with, it can be optimized to your business needs

how it works point

We implement quickly in stages using Agile methodologies

how it works point

We provide the know-how of experienced business analysts, IT and UX experts

how it works point

We help you employ new ideas and processes, both during the implementation and after the roll-out

Comarch Loan Origination system modules

loan origination for small and medium enterprizes
CLO modules


Configure new document templates or easily adjust the existing ones. Quickly add new legal clauses or other paragraphs, you can make their visibility dependent on specific loan conditions.  Completed printouts are generated in MS Word or PDF format. Document checklists for the customer are generated automatically.


Attach digitalized documents to dedicated placeholders on the checklist and link those documents to a specific customer or loan applications. All attached documents are archived in the repository and can be searched and viewed by authorized users.


Design and implement strategies for the assessment of loan applications and credit risk related to a credit decision, and, in a wider scope, to the total debtor base. The use of the scoring module results in lower credit risk and improves the quality of the entire debt portfolio. Calculations can be based on quantitative and qualitative data coming from loan origination system and / or other systems.


Collect and analyze financial data using a predefined set of financial statement templates. The data can be captured from other systems or xls files, or filled manually. Calculated financial ratios ensure better knowledge on your customer’s financial standing and result in more efficient credit risk management.


Define and register collaterals in credit processes and synchronize them with master collaterals database. This includes debt securing assets, it’s legal form and valuation. Collateral once registered in the system can be used many times within other processes for the same customer.


Define customer’s organizational structure, economic, personal and ownership connections. Keep the information in one place, nicely presented in graphical form. Make it easier to identify and keep track of the ultimate beneficiary owner.


Simplify covenant management with proper covenants added automatically to loan agreements based on loan type, credit amount, or risk rate. Covenants are stored in the system and centrally managed. If needed, you can adjust covenants within a predefined range – the system will guide you on which adjustments you can make.



Intuitive graphic editor that allows you to configure lending processes with no need for expert IT knowledge. A short training will be enough to start using the tool. You can assign process tasks to users/roles, define timeouts for specific tasks or validate the correctness of the process.


Manage user input forms: define questions and answers, assign default answers or add descriptions to question (tips). You can also configure checklist of documents required from customers.


Easily integrate Comarch Loan Origination system with other existing internal or external systems and databases. You can configure webservices using graphical, intuitive editor which makes it possible for non-technical users to carry out tasks that otherwise would need to be performed by programmers.


Define parameters that are frequently changed such as origination fee, and allow authorized business users to make modifications. Validations and warning texts can also be easily customized, with multilanguage configuration available.


Manage user access rights including:

  • user account setup
  • user authentication and authorization
  • security policy management and security breach notifications
  • user absence management
  • easy integration with LDAP, AD
  • SSO support
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