Comarch Insurance Underwriting

Comarch Insurance Underwriting is a solution for life insurance companies. It supports underwriters in risk assessment required during new business and renewal processes.

The system provides automatic risk assessment based on configurable rules, and guides an underwriter through a manual risk assessment process, enabling him to register important aspects and ensure communication with other process participants.

Software designed for insurance companies

Key business advantages

Underwriting automation

Lesser scope of routine activities, lower error rates

Decision-making support

Automatic processing of selected insurance applications thanks to business rules

Time & cost savings

Significant time reduction between insurance application and decision to provide cover

Enhanced counterparty & customer service

Satisfied customers thanks to medical questionnaires and efficient on-line communication

What is the Comarch Insurance Underwriting?

Data collection

Integration with external systems and underwriting questionnaire to supply the system with required data

Automated underwriting

Support for underwriter in tasks that can be described using mathematical rules

Requirement management

Checklist of documents to be provided and tests to be carried out by the insured person

Manual underwriting

Support for non-automatic underwriting tasks


risk assessment

Data collection

Data and documents needed for insurance risk assessment may come from external systems integrated with Comarch Insurance Underwriting, the ones that:

  • process insurance applications
  • administer insurance policies
  • collect documents and responses to medical questionnaires.

Data from external systems needed for risk assessment are stored in the system as the underwriter’s dossier. In addition to the current case data, the dossier also contains a history of changes and operations, and gathers previously performed assessments of the insured person.

Automated underwriting

The automatic risk assessment includes:

  • configuration of the risk assessment survey
  • determining requirements for the insured person (document delivery, doing check-ups, etc.)
  • automatic decisions based on business rules which may include personal data, responses to a medical questionnaire, application data, or the history of the insured person.

A decision made on the basis of automated underwriting may entail:

  • acceptance on standard conditions
  • rejection of the insurance application 
  • addition of premium surcharges, clauses or the exclusion of single risks
  • case referral back to manual handling.

Manual underwriting

Requirement management

Comprehensive management of the requirement checklist for the insured:

  • automatic assignment of requirements to a case based on business rules
  • manual management of requirements in the risk assessment process, including:
    • adding and editing
    • deleting or cancelling
    • marking as met
    • describing and setting the expiry date
    • sending reminders
    • linking costs to requirements.

Manual underwriting

Functions supporting both the underwriter and cooperating entities in their daily work:

  • insurance risk assessment results registration
    • covers modification: sum assured, insurance period
    • premium loadings
    • insurance clauses and covers exclusions
    • temporary covers management
  • additional medical consultations - recording results, documents and costs
  • verification of decisions made by other participants in the process
  • deciding on the insurance application
  • saving the insured person's decision to file in the case of counter-offer.

Comarch Insurance Underwriting has been implemented in the Belgian insurance company Delta Lloyd Life and integrated with other insurance systems of the company.
Components of the Comarch Insurance Underwriting system may function inside other Comarch systems, such as the dedicated front-office solution - Comarch Digital Insurance.

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