Comarch Business Intelligence in Banking

Comarch Business Intelligence for banks

Comarch BI is a modern data analytics solution that enables banks to extract data from various sources, create thorough analyses of banking-specific processes in real time, and make faster data-driven decisions and insightful forecasts.

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Our solution can be used by:

Banks and other financial institutions

What Is Business Intelligence?

To put it briefly, Business Intelligence can be described as a set of processes that allow you to make the most of your data. It is a combination of various analytics and reporting solutions. It includes, but is not limited to, data mining, data analysis, data visualization, and key performance indicators.

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What do banks achieve by implementing Comarch Business Intelligence?

Key benefits of business intelligence for banks include:

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Handling the rapidly increasing volume and velocity of data, making analyses more efficient and reliable

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Analyzing trends and identifying opportunities for growth

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Quick and accurate forecasting leading to easier and data-driven decision making

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Increased profitability thanks to being able to identify and address current customer needs faster and offering them more personalized experience

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Risk mitigation through measures such as supporting fraud detection, ensuring compliance with regulations, analyzing credit portfolios, etc.

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Measuring the profitability of marketing campaigns in real time

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Excelling planning, budgeting, and reporting

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Loan processing acceleration by automating time-consuming data processing

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Better monitoring of employee performance, which in turn can result in better customer experience

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The possibility to integrate or expand with other Comarch solutions and multiple systems

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Depending on your needs, Comarch BI can run on-premises, on a private or public cloud, and as SaaS

Why Comarch Business Intelligence for Banking?

Our experience

Comarch has over 16 years of experience in BI solutions, with around 100 BI projects successfully executed around the globe. Combined with more than 20 years of providing banks with IT services, our extensive knowledge, qualified specialists, strong competences in data analysis and machine learning, innovation culture, and best practices – all ensure the highest standards of project implementation.

More features and functionalities

Multi-Source Module

No more unintegrated data. Enjoy uniform, real-time, high quality data on demand.

Interactivity of Elements

Enjoy multiple types of visualization and interactivity of reports, dashboards, graphs and more.

Outstanding UX Design

This smart and powerful solution will not only meet your business expectations but also users’ needs.

Intuitive Layout

No IT skills? No problem.
Comarch BI is an easy to use, self service solution for everyone.

Speed of Action

Our business intelligence for banks solution helps you optimize processes and achieve cost savings.

Multilingual Interface

Comarch BI can be used in multiple languages: Polish, English, German, French and Spanish.

Information Protection Measures in Place

We take data security seriously.
Simply manage permission settings so that your data is protected.

Advanced Features

Discover dependencies in your reports and make data based forecasts and predictions with Comarch BI.

Built-in Communication Mechanism

You can not only share your data in real-time but also make inquiries and exchange your thoughts and conclusions with other users.

Why is it so important to become a data-driven company? What are the challenges, but also the benefits of focusing and relying on data in your company. See the video to find out.


Business intelligence in banking can be beneficial for users such as:

  • data analysts
  • product managers
  • bank actuaries
  • compliance department
  • risk management department
  • business line departments
  • sales department
  • customer service department
  • marketing department
  • HR department
  • end-customers

See what our clients are saying about Comarch Business Intelligence for banks:

Looking at the provided solution in perspective, we can recommend with complete confidence that the delivered system has succeeded as an analytical tool in our company and effectively supports the work of BGK’s analysts.

Andrzej Ladko – Vice-president of the Management Board at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK)

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Specialists in the field of analytical systems engineering attentively listened to me and understood me. I believe that this understanding of nuances, as well as the willingness to follow an unconventional train of thought are a great advantage of the cooperation with Comarch.

Konrad Juszczuk – Managerial Information Team Manager at the Strategic Development and Controlling Department of Dnb Nord Polska SA

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Download the The Challenges of Building a Data-driven Organization White Paper

Challenges of building a data-driven organization

The White Paper discusses the data-driven approach to decision making, starting at the crucial elements of the approach, identifying the difficulties companies face, as well as providing success stories and recommendations.


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