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Because we are thoroughly familiar with our clients’ goals as well as industry trends and technologies, we can efficiently reengineer selected business areas of any financial organization and institution by delivering fine-tuned, customizable tools. They cover insurance processes throughout the whole value chain and are targeted for both internal and external users within multiple activity areas.

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Comarch Digital Insurance is an innovative insurance software employing modern technologies and ensuring top look and feel. It supports both sales force by facilitating their everyday work and insurance clients providing them with excellent customer experience and satisfaction. Check out our success stories or contact us directly to learn more.
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      We are aware that usability of everyday operations is crucial for end-users, thus we focus on the look and feel of business solutions at both the design and implementation stage. Our insurance software solutions are designed to effectively manage the full range of insurance, including life, property and casualty, providing support for all insurer’s activities including the work of sales force and client's service.

      As one of the largest IT suppliers in Europe, Comarch boasts many product lines, a rich collection of competencies and most importantly a large group of satisfied clients. We offer our own pre-designed and dedicated insurance management software. There are a few important characteristics describing our company and implementations:
      • On the insurance market since 1998
      • Solutions dedicated both to life and health as well as non-life insurance
      • All insurance products lines and distribution channels
      • Long-term IT services outsourcing offered
      • More than 250 projects on the insurance market so far

      Other products

      Life Insurance

      Manage individual and group life insurance efficiently

      NonLife Insurance

      Gather all lines of property and personal insurance products in one system

      Insurance Claims

      Reduce time and costs of a claim handling process

      Insurance Underwriting

      Automate risk assessment operations through user-defined rules

      Financial Service Management

      Sell and advise on any insurance product on the go

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