CCI at Idea Bank - Case Study


Idea Bank, at the initial phase of its operation, used spreadsheets to prepare commission calculations. What sufficed at first, when the bank was a relatively small financial institution, soon became a nuisance as the bank grew rapidly, mostly due to the expansion of sales channels. Incentive compensation processes no longer kept up with business dynamics. As the whole process was time-consuming and prone to errors, Idea Bank strived for introducing a system that could not only allow to speed things up, but also serve detailed data on commission costs on all levels of the sales process, control the efficiency of motivational systems and detect commission frauds.



Idea Bank, a dynamically growing Polish financial institution catering mainly to entrepreneurs



Project objective

Shorten the process of commission calculations and centralize settlements from all sales channels

Implemented solution

Comarch Commission & Incentive

Solution supplier


Project duration

Q4 2015 – Q4 2016

Comarch C&I at Idead Bank


For both parties, the biggest challenges of the project included the integration with data warehouse and reconciliation of sales data. The latter came from many sources within Idea Bank’s systems and so it was essential to develop a mechanism to reorganize and merge them.

Comarch Commission & Incentive is now powered from two sources, but on the system side there is an integrated and consistent set of data, on the basis of which all commissions can be reliably calculated.

Another issue to contend with was modeling a complex, banking sales network and developing tools that would allow flexible settlement. Although the bank’s distribution network consists of many, often intersecting channels, the Comarch team was able to provide a system in which individual parts of the network can be treated independently.

Idea Bank & Comarch

As the Bank is one of the most innovative financial institutions in Poland or even in Europe, receiving several significant awards for its products, that was my ambition to implement such a back-office system for commission settlements that would provide our bankers with as high user experience as of our applications for customers.

Małgorzata Schön
Director of Commission System Department,
Idea Bank

With our analytical support, the client partly completed this task on their side by creating a central customer file. We took care of the remaining part – we made proper adjustments in the universal import of sales events.

Rafał Kwarciany
Project Manager, Comarch

Our key requirement was that the system must be flexible and parameterizable, so that business administrators alone could make all necessary modifications of commission rules. It was crucial for us to have the maker-checker functionality and be able to track all changes in system logs.

Małgorzata Szturmowicz
CFO, Idea Bank

Our business administrators are able to independently manage the calculation and settlement processes,
and user privileges, as well as parameterize commission rules and generate ad hoc and periodical reports –
all with minimum assistance of IT professionals. 

Marek Zalewski
Head of Commission Analysts Team, Idea Bank


The Comarch commission engine proved to be flexible and customizable enough for Idea Bank to configure the entire incentive compensation plan on their own. Because the whole mechanism is largely understandable to bank’s employees, Comarch support was limited only to short training sessions and individual guidance during the configuration process.

During eight months that went by from the analysis phase to the system launch, the bank has also gained more efficient use of human resources – as employees can now focus on their sales activities instead of being barraged with spreadsheets and invoices. Apart from that, all network data is stored in one, central place.

Lastly, transparent incentive programs that are now in place result in an increased sales performance. All bank’s sales network units have access to realtime information on sales and commissions. Automated network management allows fast changes in the network structure and commission calculation rules, which not only influences performance but also shortens time-to-market.

Idea Bak & Comarch project

We analyzed eight IT suppliers’ offers but only Comarch had the system which is continuously maintained and developed. Moreover, the architecture of Comarch Commission & Incentive aligned perfectly with our concept.

Małgorzata Schön
Director of Commission System Department,
Idea Bank

The system is brilliant. I see the whole production of the branch and I can control the production of my people. At the position of a seller, I can finally manage and check my production. On top of it – it is intuitive.

Michał Wierzbicki
Branch Director, Idea Bank Opole

Idea Bank

Idea Bank was created to support entrepreneurs in realizing the dream of their own business. It provides assistance in the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Multi-channel distribution network allows Idea Bank to effectively reach customers, both through call center units and a network of about 200 branches throughout Poland. At the end of 2015 this network consisted of 90 Idea Bank outlets, 75 Tax Care offices, 42 Idea Expert outlets, 18 Idea Leasing outlets and 2 Idea Leasing & Fleet outlets.

Comarch Commission & Incentive

The solution supports incentive compensation planning and sales network management in insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions.

The system functionality has evolved from a commission settlement application to a modern ICM platform, supporting management and  ommunication of sales network via agent portal. Gartner’s analysts in their report MarketScope for Insurance Incentive Compensation Management recognized the system as one of 13 most outstanding global IT solutions in the area of commission calculations and settlements.

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