Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials at AXA Assurances Luxembourg

Project objectives

In 2016, AXA Luxembourg selected Comarch as software provider to collaborate on the implementation of a new front-office solution. The solution was to enable the insurer to provide its distribution network with a modern sales and client-servicing tool, keep up with new regulations, and, as regards customer experience, set the basis for an omnichannel strategy.


COMPANY: AXA Assurances Luxembourg SA

INDUSTRY: Insurance

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Implementation of a comprehensive front-office solution covering pre-sales and new business processes for life & pension insurance

IMPLEMENTED SOLUTION: Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials (currently part of Comarch Digital Insurance)



AXA Luxembourg

For our investment and life products, we needed a new tool to support both the pre-sales activities of our distribution network, including needs analysis, simulations and quotation – and the sales processes, ranging from offer preparation through policy issuance to report generation. We also aimed at a comprehensive solution with enhanced user experience, allowing us to stay on top of the upcoming laws such as PRIIPS or IDD.

Georges Biver, Head of Life & Health at AXA Luxembourg

The goal was threefold for AXA: stay compliant, provide the sales network with tools that would be more of a support than just a means-to-an-end, and finally – build a framework for a future-proof customer strategy. Our system was an excellent fit for that – it gave AXA the opportunity to transform their business digital-wise.

Raphaël de Schrynmakers, Sales Manager at Comarch

Project challenges

During the project, there were several areas that required some effort to meet AXA’s business goals.

The biggest challenge was to work on the system while keeping in line with all the rules and regulations on the horizon, the more so as Comarch’s objective was to marry an agent-centric approach with a customer-centric one.

We had to assure a smooth sales process for agents and keep the customer in the loop at all times concerning the nature and course of the process itself.

Another obstacle was related to the business integration of our solution with AXA’s central repository. It is very dynamic: has many system clients and can be continuously updated.

We had to define clear rules when data can be exchanged.

Piotr Konieczny, Project Manager at Comarch

We have never worked with Comarch before, and we took some risk choosing a newcomer on the Luxembourg market. Today we can say we made a good choice and delivered the project on time, scope and budget.

Olivier Vansteelandt, CIO at AXA Luxembourg

Project results / benefits

In the end, AXA has been provided with a solution that’s easier to use compared to other solutions, comes with quicker responsiveness and gives the insurer all the necessary working tools under one umbrella.

The project was carried out according to the agile methodology - we worked collaboratively on the documentation including requirements and test scenarios, performed scheduled reviews of the implemented solution and introduced changes incrementally. Thanks to that, we saw the work results almost instantly and could easily introduce changes to what had already been made.

Tony Ciccarella, Program Manager at AXA Luxembourg

Solution scope

AXA case study

Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials

Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials is a comprehensive platform dedicated to insurance institutions thanks to which their day-to-day challenges can be performed in a quicker and smarter way than ever before.

The solution focuses on the best UX experience and functional aspects as to facilitate the onboarding of salesmen and sales partners. By offering them a top quality online front-office app supporting advisory, quotation and sales processes, Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials increases the performance of any distribution network.

In 2017, Comarch extended Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials with a direct sales and customer portal, introducing omnichannel features to the application, which was thereafter renamed to ‘Comarch Digital Insurance’.

AXA Assurances Luxembourg solution

AXA Assurances Luxembourg

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