Factoring data migration from Raiffeisen to BNP 

Project objectives

In 2019, Comarch was selected as a provider of data migration services from a factoring platform used by Raiffeisen to another platform working at BNP Paribas. The amount of data to be migrated was so substantial that it nearly doubled the business volume of BNP in Poland.


COMPANY: BNP Paribas Faktoring (Poland)

INDUSTRY: Factoring and supply chain finance 

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Data migration from Raiffeisen Polbank to BNP Paribas Faktoring following the acquisition 

IMPLEMENTED SOLUTION: Comarch Factoring Platform


PROJECT DURATION: 01.2019–06.2019

AXA Luxembourg

After the acquisition of Raiffeisen’s factoring business in Poland, we needed to unify our systems. By the end of 2019, we became second largest factoring company with 2 500 clients and a turnover exceeding 10 billion EUR. 

Paweł Kacprzak , Board Member at BNP Faktoring

Handling the migration at the BNP Group came natural to Comarch, as we had successfully run this kind of projects within the group before. 

Arkadiusz Kleszcz, Project Manager at Comarch

Project challenges

The biggest challenge was no cooperation with the previous vendor. As a result, we were not allowed to access Raiffeisen’s servers managed by the said vendor, and could only display current system data without the history that is vital for data consistency.  

We had to find a workaround tool which converted the available data into files and then processed them for migration purposes.

We have identified various discrepancies and workarounds in the ex Raiffeisen’s platform, which had to be taken into account to avoid shaking up BNP’s operations and preventing customer churn. For this purpose, we came up with a mechanism which detected potentially erroneous data. 

Arkadiusz Kleszcz, Project Manager at Comarch

Our customers range from SMEs to large corporations – both with their specific set-ups, so we could not go with a catch-all migration for everybody. Knowing this, Comarch has come up with a gradual migration model, so we could accommodate the customers who needed more time and attention. 

Eliza Wyrzykowska , Board Member at BNP Paribas Faktoring

Project results / benefits

After few months of preparation, we have developed and deployed a multi-threaded migration tool, which was ready to run over a weekend. The new BNP-Raiffeisen entity became second largest in the country  in terms of factoring turnover after only 1 quarter.

After each step in the migration we had the chance to verify if we were on the right track. If needed Comarch would introduce minor corrections without altering the whole process. 

Eliza Wyrzykowska , Board Member at BNP Paribas Faktoring 

Solution scope

BNP case study

Comarch Factoring Platform

Comarch Factoring is the newest version of a web-based solution designed to deliver end-to-end transaction processing for factoring companies and banks offering factoring services.

The solution’s front-office focuses on the best UX experience and functional aspects to facilitate daily operations and processes within the system’s back-office.

BNP solution

BNP Paribas Factoring

BNP PARIBAS Factoring is the European market leader in invoice finance and factoring in terms of geographical presence and turnover. The group can offer full-service international, standard and tailor-made factoring services and solutions to customers in 16 countries with footprints in two continents: Europe and Africa.

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