Online banking ecosystem for corporate clients

Online banking ecosystem for corporate clients

Comarch is in the middle of a project to implement an innovative online banking ecosystem for corporate clients at BNP Paribas in Poland. We’re using the latest cloud technologies and microservices – not only to deliver new business value faster, but also to increase resiliency and reduce technical downtime. The whole project is run in the agile methodology with close cooperation between the bank and ourselves.


Ongoing project: go-live accomplished for loans, collections, applications, contracts and accounts. Next in line are transfers.

Purpose of the program

Build the best e-banking experience for SMEs and corporates.

Why Scrum?


1. Microservices architecture plus cloud architecture

  • greater resilience to failures (one microservice problem does not affect the entire platform)
  • platform availability even during application upgrades (zero-downtime deployment)
  • quicker time-to-market (independent development of business domains)
  • better platform scalability

2. Latest technology

  • full-text search, RWD, SPA, etc.
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