Hybrid Advisory

Comarch Wealth Management enables financial institutions to blend human expertise and personal approach to financial advisory with interaction capabilities of the digital channels, resulting in hybrid advisory model. It takes relationship managers and customers closer together, improves efficiency and drives sales, thanks to utilizing the power of data exchange and actions across different channels.

With Comarch, you are able to keep relationship-management-driven services at the center of your offering, while you also pay attention to digital collaboration and communication between wealth managers and their clients. We help you gain the advantage of your business model combining both high-touch and high-tech approaches.



  • Efficient preparation of individual recommendations by RMs and seamless distribution to customer channel for acceptance
  • Sharing of investment ideas and product campaigns, documents, reports from RM channel to customer front-end
  • Real-time messaging between customers and the bank’s employee


  • Cost and time savings in customer servicing by moving part of RM activities into customer’s hands
  • Higher customer engagement in comparison to traditional channels of communication and interaction
  • Increase of sales, thanks to the distribution of investment proposal to digital channels, just for customer confirmation

Examples of use

Hybrid advisory of Comarch Wealth Management takes personal advisory to the higher level. In recent times there’s been a demand for remote customer servicing that still is being expected by end-customers. Because of this, the digitalization of the business relationships as a whole is a natural step forward.

The most common benefits resulting from using Comarch Wealth Management for hybrid advisory are that the majority of customers got onboarded to a hybrid financial advisor type of service, with a high conversion rate of recommendations distributed by RMs to online channels by customers. At the same time, interactions between RMs and customers increased.

Here are a few sample situations which can be supported thanks to the hybrid advisory with Comarch Wealth Management software, making it all simple and concise for both the bank and the customer.

Sharing investment idea to a customer

Bank perspective: 

Relationship manager makes use of sales support functionality available within the platform and reaches out to customers who have been selected for a product campaign settled in the system. RM prepares a dedicated message corresponding with the product campaign. With one click, the banker distributes investment idea with all necessary details and personal commentary directly to the customer channel.

Customer perspective: 

The customer receives a push notification that a new product campaign has been shared. Then the customer gets familiar with proposal information and trades the investment idea directly in the online channel, like an app or a portal.

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Distributing individual recommendations for customer approval

Bank perspective:

Relationship manager prepares custom investment/rebalancing proposal for a customer followed by compliance and pre-trade checks. RM automatically generates accompanying documentation and prepares dedicated message to customer. The proposal is being shared for customer approval to the client channel.

Customer perspective:

The customer approves recommendations in the online channel and orders are seamlessly placed in transactional system of a financial institution.

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Customer request for a meeting/document/interaction

Customer perspective:

Customer enters a message to RM in a dedicated and secure chat within a mobile app.

Bank perspective:

RM instantly receives the information and is able to respond. The relationship manager prepares a message and shares it with the customer along with a consolidated report the customer asked for. The message and the document is shared with the customer and the whole history of interaction is being stored for the future.


Want to know more?

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