Personal Advisory

Comarch Wealth Management empowers financial institutions that offer personal advisory service to their customers by enriching their advisors with a robust solution fulfilling their every-day needs, and keeping their customers in the heart of the investment processes.

If your business is driven by relationship-building, or wealth managers for whom personal interaction with end-customers is of the highest importance, Comarch Wealth Management is here for you. With it, you can accelerate your internal investment processes and deliver excellent experience for your employees while keeping the personal advisory service customer-oriented and of the highest quality.

Personal Advisory

Key benefits

How does Comarch Wealth Management drive efficiency of relationship managers while keeping the personal advisory service at an excellent level? Key ways include consolidated customer picture integrating accounts, holdings, KYC data across different sources in one view, or end-to-end process supporting the whole personal wealth advisory cycle from investment onboarding through risk profiling to portfolio set-up and regular rebalancing.

Other ones include automated suitability, sustainability and pre-trade health checks, guided flows adjusted to different customer segments and business roles, or personalized recommendations powered by optimization engines, including AI. On top of that there’s support for prospecting and analyzing customer sales potential, ongoing monitoring and reporting available “on-the-go,” and automated CTAs helping focus on what really matters.

Time savings

100% of administrative and operational tasks automated

Easy onboarding

30% of new customers onboarded to investments per year

Sales boost

20% Y2Y boost of sale of products distributed by the platform

"Personal wealth advisory is a proven customer-service business model in which a personal touch and an individual communication are the essence of the relationship. Comarch Wealth Management improves and automates the key relationship management activities to let wealth managers focus on understanding customers, their needs and preferences".

Business case study

A typical usage scenario of wealth management platform in personal advisory service is divided into four stages. The journey works in a self-propelling loop that ensures constant improvement of customer financial well-being and enforces lobg-lasting engagement of customers and RMs. This process is coming round and evolves together with customer financial and personal lifecycle as well as ever-changing market circumstances.

Comarch Wealth Management supports client serving loop in each and every moment of the client-institution relationship. If your institution wishes or struggles to improve any of the lifecycle elements, CWM is there to make it happen.

Each interaction is triggered by identification of opportunity or call-to-action

  • Automated notifications with call-to-actions to improve customers situation and portfolios
  • Data-driven lead generation based on customer analysis and targets to achieve
  • Easy access to instant communication and interaction history and insights

client management

RM is equipped with a 360-degree customer-investment picture

  • Aggregated overview of all asset classes, accounts and holdings across organization
  • Detailed review of all customer invesrment objectives and KPIs
  • Comprehensive analysis of performance and risk measures within customer portfolios

portfolio health-check

System guides RM to deliver holistic, suitable and personalized recommendations

  • Paperless risk profiling or preferences questionnaires
  • Individual customer needs analysis & investment goals setup
  • Custom recommendations in line with customer risk appetite and preferences

guide advice

Paperless risk profiling or preferences questionnaires

  • Automated and constant monitoring of customer goals and alerting if any action is needed
  • Best-class investment reports that can be delivered to customers on request or periodically
  • Dedicated analytics of permormace and targets across different RMs and business units

monitoring & reporting

Want to know more?

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