Field Service Empowerment

Efficient task handling by field service workers depends on adequate task assignment and each technician’s motivation to manage their work. When properly qualified and motivated technicians receive appropriate information and have the parts they need to manage a task, the service may be performed during the first visit. But even in this perfect situation, a technician may experience problems, especially when the task turns out to be more complex than expected. Then, the service visit takes longer, and there is a need to consult other field service professionals.

In this situation, effective communication and collaboration between members of the team is essential. To perform better and deliver top customer service, technicians also need additional incentives such as gamification. To facilitate this, you should empower field service workers with functional, innovative software.

field service empowerment FSM

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Planned Work for Field Service 

With Comarch FSM software, each technician’s work is planned automatically, based on skill set and location. Each field service worker receives a notification on smartphone or tablet, along with all required information about a work order, particular tasks and customer location. By empowering field service operatives to access the service history, they can also diagnose the problem without unnecessary calls to colleagues. Technicians can be advised on the route they should take in order to arrive at a client’s premises on time, which is especially appreciated by customers during an urgent situation. 


Communication and Collaboration

In some situations, technicians need to work together to resolve more demanding tasks. Comarch FSM solution for field service workers enables effective communication between team members, thanks to the internal chat feature, photo attachments, and real-time notifications. Task steps can be explained in detail to less experienced technicians, allowing them to complete the work order. And, when there is need for a particular equipment on site, they are able to transfer it from another technician with one click on their mobile device. 


Client Service

The service visit ends with client confirmation and work assessment. With the Comarch FSM mobile app this is simplified and paperless. Field service workers add service documentation, create completion reports, and ask the client for their digital signature. In order to facilitate better client service analysis, customers are also asked to fill in survey reports and assess the quality of tasks. With these features you empower your technicians not only to manage the tasks but also to improve client experience.



When field service workers are motivated to manage their assigned tasks, your company is able to ensure outstanding service for clients. This is why Comarch FSM offers an additional gamification module allowing you to reward technicians for delivering superior service. The gamification feature can increase your employees’ motivation, assigning them points that can later be exchanged or granted to other technicians to reward them for help. On a dedicated site, they can compare their achievements (such as average customer satisfaction) with those of their colleagues. With this feature, every member of your field staff is engaged in work order execution, your clients benefit, and you ensure high customer satisfaction. 


50 Ways to Automate Field Service Delivery

Resource management, service request management, planning and scheduling, business management, work order execution, effective communication, and asset management. All of these processes can be fully automated.

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