Data Integration, Reporting, Forecasting and “What if” Scenarios

Field Service Data Integration, Reporting, Forecasting and “What if” Scenarios Software

Delivering outstanding service to clients requires constant process analysis. That is why appropriate data collection and utilization is crucial. With information gathered in the database, field service organizations are able to discover business insights and make informed decisions about further improvements.

Once the internal systems are appropriately integrated with the FSM tool, the company can utilize the full potential of the data, optimize schedules, manage inventories, improve overall operational performance and be more forward looking.

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Main features of Field Service Analytics software

Data Integration: Easy field service data collection and processing

By integrating Comarch FSM software with internal data sources, field service companies can provide a high level of customer service at each step of the process. Integrations with trouble ticketing, call center, CRM and ERP, fleet management, ECM systems, IoT devices, and inventory mean users benefit from comprehensive service process automation and optimization.

Use our API to plan an optimal schedule and distribute tasks to external applications and calendars.

As a result, all team members, including managers, dispatchers, call center and field service staff, can deliver top-class service to your clients, while the management team can monitor and improve it.

Data Analytics and Reporting: Field service analytics and report software

In Comarch’s solution, data collected from different sources including CRM or ERP can be transformed into easy to read dashboards. You can present information in pre-defined templates for reports to track common KPIs, or use the report designer to personalize views. With dashboards, managers are provided with information about operational and strategic performance.

Updated information about closed, open or overdue tasks, and escalations, enables better daily field service management, while internal and external staff productivity KPIs allow future resource planning. 

FSM Data Analytics and Reporting

Forecasting: FSM analytics and forecasting software

Service businesses should make data more actionable by using the prediction features. With the forecasting module in Comarch FSM, based on historical data and specific knowledge, you can predict resource demand in the context of skills and working area, and then make smarter decisions about skill changes and resource reallocation.

The forecasts also allow you to react faster to trends and plan resources and training in the long term. As a result, your business becomes more proactive than reactive, and is better prepared for the future.

FSM Forecasting

“What if” scenarios: A simulation engine for field service analytics

Roster management of a team of technicians becomes more complex with every new task and field worker in the organization. Any unplanned situation, such as  employee sickness, can turn the schedule upside down. Dispatchers and managers need to know how particular changes in the schedule will affect current planning and SLAs. Such scenarios can be assessed with a “What-if” feature, where any event can be simulated in order to learn the outcome. This helps stakeholders to address unpredicted challenges, and maintain high quality of service.

FSM What if scenarios - A simulation engine
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