Field Service Management in the Medical Device and Healthcare Sector

Managing a highly specialized workforce within strict regulations such as those that apply in the medical sector is undeniably a challenge for providers of medical devices, equipment and supplies. As this innovative market is continuously growing, manufacturers and distributors must not only optimize workforce management, but also prove that all the products are delivered on time, installed properly, and maintained frequently in order to live up to the requirements of medical organizations and their rules.

Simultaneously, demand for skilled workers is now higher than ever before, which generates even greater need for effective time management to ensure all the tasks are performed on time and appropriately. Patient safety is, after all, paramount.

With Comarch Field Service Management, the medical device sector has an easier way to manage all of this within one platform.

Field Service Software for medical devices
Comarch Improves Hospital Inventory Management 
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Benefits of Field Service management Software for the Medical Device and Healthcare Sector

Medical Equipment and Devices - Management and Installation

Assigning installation tasks effectively is mostly related with technicians’ specializations. The more staff are employed, the more difficult it is to keep track of each person’s skills. For this reason, Comarch FSM users may keep all their employees’ details in the app and assign particular tasks to appropriate specialists, who receive notifications on their mobile devices.
Field Service Medical Equipment Installation

Medical Device And Equipment Maintenance 

The medical device and equipment market is highly regulated. Each piece of equipment should have a full service history and repair record. In some cases, there are even penalties for non-compliance or failing to deliver specific information. The regulations may also differ from one region to another, making product and service delivery much more complex. With Comarch Field Service Management, medical device suppliers are enabled to schedule maintenance tasks to avoid problems, and can keep all the details about where each piece of equipment or device is installed, at what unit, who carried out the installation, how long ago it was serviced, and what spare parts were used to fix the problem. Also, all these details may be related with a specific region or client.
Medical Device and Equipment Maintenance

Medical Gas Supply

Providing medical gas cylinders to patients takes time, especially the part related with delivery from the warehouse to the correct unit at a medical care facility. It can also become complex and time-consuming to manage information about a particular cylinder, such as its location, usage level of the gas, and gas/cylinder expiry dates. Manual monitoring is insufficient, but with technological advances such as field service management software, medical gas providers can forget about tedious tasks related with these responsibilities. The system will manage monitoring much more precisely, and faster than staff.
Medical Gas Supply and Field Service

Patient Care

Ensuring the highest standard of medical and care services can be very challenging. Care assistants and nurses very often take care of many patients at the same time. Each case is different and requires different treatment and medication. With field service management for healthcare employees it is possible to create schedules for medicine delivery. Comarch FSM is able to plan a visit at the patient’s whenever the medical reserves go low (e.g. based on the number of daily doses).

Also, in some countries, healthcare employees check and restore a supply of first aid kits in public institutions and in patients’ houses directly. Comarch FSM will help to plan and manage the supply of medical products.
Field Service Management for Healthcare


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