Corrective, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Equipment maintenance planning in field service companies normally takes hours. You need to know what the parts are, and when and where they should be serviced. Even if tasks for technicians are scheduled, unplanned or emergency repairs may be required, and the plan will need immediate changes.

All failures and changes result in unnecessary costs for you and your client. To manage maintenance challenges, you need data-driven field service software that helps you automate your work and optimize schedules, and which informs you about possible future failures. As a result, you will reduce repair-related costs, show your clients that you meet equipment maintenance agreements, and ensure their business continuity without unnecessary downtime.

fsm for corrective preventive and predictive maintenance FSM

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Reinventing Infrastructure Maintenance Within Field Services

FSM and corrective maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

Some appliances can continue their work even after a breakdown, e.g. thanks to the redundancy of their components. Even if one part is broken, the whole module can continue working using other operating parts, but offering limited efficiency.

With a field service maintenance module, you can gather all monitoring data and compare them together or with desired values. All deviations can be automatically detected and reported as new maintenance tasks, thus saving time and money by preventing failure in more expensive hardware protected by the damaged equipment.


Preventive Maintenance 

To avoid unexpected breakdowns and associated downtime and costs in field service companies, equipment requires replacement parts and periodical inspections. Each machine or part provided by the manufacturer has a recommended date and time for such activity.

With such data and a preventive maintenance module, you can easily plan service appointments automatically and avoid more expensive repairs. By assigning the tasks at the right time and preventing the equipment from breaking down, you can also extend the life of assets, and in consequence increase overall efficiency and ensure uninterrupted productivity. As a result, you benefit from reduced maintenance costs and save time spent on planning schedules for technicians.

fsm for predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

IoT solutions together with Comarch FSM enable even more proactive issue resolution by field service staff. With sensors on machine parts, you can monitor, for example, data about temperature, weather, dust, or humidity levels, to predict and eliminate the risk of equipment malfunction. As the data are processed in real time, you can receive notification on mobile devices about a problem and react immediately. As a result, business operations may continue uninterrupted, the cost of repairs can be minimized, and new equipment purchases can become unnecessary.

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