Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality in Field Service - Mobile App for Tablets and Smartphones 

An app available for the newest versions of Android or iOS operating systems, offering perfect support for AR solutions. The app allows workers to access a knowledge base by simply locating the QR code attached to equipment and analyzing a context summary of the device. Once the technician has clicked on the visible pop-up, the app shows all information and documents related to the equipment, such as status attributes and document links.

Augmented Reality in Field Service app screen

AR App for Field Service - Microsoft HoloLens 

The Comarch FSM app for the Microsoft HoloLens device offers both on-device and hologram mode. The first allows the worker to locate and interact with a real equipment, follow the suggested steps to repair it, and even record it, which helps when working onsite. The latter enables working with equipment in the form of a virtual object, which can be useful in training new employees.Both options give workers the possibility to use a knowledge base, play videos with instructions, and record work steps for their colleagues – all managed hands-free thanks to voice instructions.


50 Ways to Automate Field Service Delivery

Resource management, service request management, planning and scheduling, business management, work order execution, effective communication, and asset management. All of these processes can be fully automated.

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