Facility Management Software

Field service software for facilities management

Automate facility management with field service management software. Use it for work order assignment, management of mobile workers, projects, pricing, equipment management, and preventive/predictive maintenance.

Streamline complex management and introduce advanced monitoring of key performance indicators.

facility management software

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Benefits of facility management software - Comarch FSM

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Facility Maintenance Software - Comarch FSM

Keep all work orders in one facility management software

Whether you provide technical (hard) services or “soft” ones, you can schedule all of them in one system, assign the right people according to availability, track their performance in real time, and enable billing for those services.

Plan installations, repairs, inspections, testing, maintenance, cleaning service visits and many more types of tasks, to manage a given facility more efficiently and have a single view of its performance.

Check the current status of tasks, track usage of materials and required equipment, and monitor expenses related to delivered services. Invoice for completed work orders by integrating the software with CRM, ERP and inventory management.

facility management

Oversee subcontractors using top facility management software

Add new subcontractors to the system, and define fulfilment priorities and cooperation models. Automate task assignment with an algorithm based on configured rules and business goals. Track generated costs and the performance of third-party workers.

Give external staff access to the mobile app features to report their effectiveness and integrate the system with payroll solutions to settle completed tasks.

Monitor the results in real time, including crucial KPIs and SLA compliance. Set quality audits, on-site and remotely, to ensure rapid task resolution and high quality of service.

Facility industry and contractor management

Facility maintenance software for project management and cost planning

Whenever you start a project, long-term or short-term or one-off, keep all data in one tool to verify costs and overall results. Integrate the system with purchase platforms to base on the prices, compare them with your planned budget, and monitor whether the project is completed within the expected timeframe.

Compare similar projects by cost, time, engaged staff with real-time dashboards to plan more accurately in the future.


FSM software for smart facility management

Pair Comarch IoT sensors with Comarch FSM for facility management and monitor buildings in real time. Implement sensors for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring uses, which provide data on, for example, liquid level, vibrations, temperature, power usage, and other parameters. Whenever anomalies occur, a maintenance worker will receive a new alert and will be able to remedy the situation before any breakdown takes place.

Foresee problems with building components, resolve issues before they happen, and save more on smart facility management. 


Easily locate buildings and assets using field service software for facilities management

Create a hierarchy of buildings, rooms, devices, and appliances. Enable workers to search for a given facility and view its map, thereby helping them to quickly reach the needed location. Allow employees to look for particular equipment or buildings and relate them to the work order to minimize the time it takes to track the right element.

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Top Facilities Sector FSM Software Features

Field Service Management for Facilities

A look into smart facility management

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