Corporate Social Responsibility


The Comarch Capital Group has been intensely committed to social activities since its establishment. The CSR objectives are defined in Chapter 10 of “The Comarch Code of Ethics” on “Socially responsible business”. Comarch, since its inception, has been extensively involved in promoting sport among young people and the inhabitants of the province of Malopolska, by mainly sponsoring the sports club Cracovia. It also promotes an active lifestyle among its employees. For its actions in this area, the company was awarded by the local government the honorary title of "Friend of Sports A.D. 2015". Cracow City Council recognises Comarch’s high financial contribution to the development of physical culture through assistance to athletes or sports organisations, operating in the district of Krakow.


KS Cracovia SA

Comarch’s patronage of the club has been going on since 2001. Cracovia is the oldest continuously operating football club in Poland. More than a century of history makes it a legend in Polish football, and thanks to Comarch it has become a strong brand in Polish sport once again. According to the E & Y report, Cracovia has been one of the best-managed Polish clubs in recent years. This is supported by the high and diverse income, the strong liquidity situation and its appropriately balanced budget. Importantly, it maintains the reputation of a fully reliable, solvent employer, which in Polish football is not widespread. Comarch owns 66.11 percent of Municipal Sports Club Cracovia Sports Joint Stock Company’s shares, which ensures the stable situation of the club.

Comarch to Be Official Youth Sponsor for Swiss Ice Hockey Champion EVZ

Software producer Comarch is going to support Zug’s local ice sports club EVZ as official sponsor for its youth teams. Comarch has made a name for itself among small and medium-sized businesses in Switzerland by implementing projects for well-known brands such as Victorinox and Ditzler. However, the IT company’s products are likewise used by corporations, banks, and telecoms. Now Comarch will also support young athletes on their way into a professional ice hockey career by becoming official sponsor to the EVZ. The club holds the Swiss championship title in ice hockey.

Comarch has become an official sponsor of Belgian vice-champion Royale Union Saint-Gilloise

Comarch has become a sponsor of the Belgian premier league football club Royale Union Saint-Gilloise. The team finished second in the Jupiler Pro League in the 2021/2022 season. The runner-up title gave it the right to play in the Champions League qualifiers. RUSG has secured its new official partner for the 2024/2025 football season: IT solutions provider Comarch. RUSG has recently celebrated significant achievements, securing the title of Vice-champion of the Belgian League and winning the Belgian Cup.


Popularization of IT technology

Since the beginning of its activity, the Comarch Group has been actively cooperating with schools, universities and other educational institutions, including AGH University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology, Jagiellonian University, Lodz University of Technology, Cracow University of Economics. There are also employee initiatives in the company's various branches that involve devoting time to students on dedicated courses or industry meetings, and with study circles. Additionally, Comarch specialists are eager to share their knowledge by preparing expert articles and creating original podcasts.
The company also organises internal knowledge-sharing activities such as meetups or cycles of texts on cyber security, created by specialists from the Internal Security Department.

Active Comarch

Companies from the Comarch Group are actively involved in promoting sport and an active lifestyle among young people and the residents of the Małopolska region, and above all among their employees.
The company encourages employees to switch to bicycles when commuting to work during the spring and summer months. This is why racks, lockable bike rooms, self-service repair stations, changing rooms and showers are available for employee use. For several years now, employees at the Krakow location have also been able to take advantage of free bike servicing once a year for a few days. As part of the inspection, professional service technicians adjust the brakes and derailleurs, remove play and check the general condition of the bike. In addition, "Cycling breakfasts" are organised. On these days, all those who cycle to work are offered healthy and tasty snacks. There are also trainings on safe riding, handouts on preparing for a cycling trip, and tests of various models of two-wheelers.
The Comarch Group also encourages its employees to participate in external sporting events, and the proceeds from many of these are donated to social causes. The employees of Comarch Group companies in Krakow and their families can also use the Comarch Recreation Centre. During the winter season, employees can take advantage of free passes to the ice rink

Activities for local communities

Social involvement and dialogue with the local community are important for the company, which supports the activities of many organisations and associations. Comarch has been cooperating with St. Mary's Parish for years. In recent years, the company has made a donation towards the renovation of the organ in the church and was a co-founder of the new instrument and the entire project to revitalise the music space in the church. The middle organ had already been commissioned, and in 2020 work was underway to build a new main organ. Comarch is also sponsoring the Krakow edition of the Last Night of the Proms event. The company also supports the activities of local music bands, artists and creators.
Employees of Polish Comarch companies in branches across Poland are joining in the organisation of Christmas collections of goods for people in need. Almost every year, more than a dozen organisations and institutions receive support, including, among others, Małopolskie Hospicjum dla Dzieci (Children's Hospice in Małopolska), Fundacja Zdążyć z pomocą (Foundation in Time to Help), St Lazarus Hospice and children's homes. The company also organises a charity event to mark World Animal Day. Thanks to the enormous commitment of the company's employees, we manage to support shelters and organisations working for homeless animals in Bielsko-Biała, Gdańsk, Gliwice, Katowice, Kielce, Lublin, Łódź, Poznań, Tarnów, Warszawa and Wrocław.

Pro-environmental measures

Comarch is guided in its decision-making processes with care for the natural environment. Climate change issues are especially taken into account when implementing real estate investments, in the purchasing policy, including the fleet modernization policy, and when making decisions on the use of renewable energy sources. Comarch promotes ecological values among its employees by implementing actions that encourage the conscious use of natural resources and the reduction of energy consumption. In utility rooms and common spaces there are messages reminding people to turn off lights, computers and other devices when they have finished working, to use reusable envelopes for internal correspondence, to limit printing and sending correspondence electronically and to use running water prudently.
The company carries out property management taking into account environmentally friendly practices, such as the modernisation of buildings and equipment, the use of renewable energy sources or the application of an appropriate purchasing policy. In facilities owned by Comarch, lamps are gradually being replaced with new LED technology and more modern and energy-efficient equipment is being introduced. Containers are set up in all buildings to separate waste into four categories: glass, paper, plastics and mixed waste.
One of the Comarch buildings in Kraków has been equipped with photovoltaic panels mounted on the roof of the office building. These devices allow the company to partially cover its own electricity needs. In addition, all Comarch buildings are equipped with modern ventilation systems with heat recovery. The company has also installed systems to collect rainwater. This water is used to maintain the green areas on the Krakow campus.
The company is also gradually replacing its vehicle fleet with vehicles that meet European emissions requirements. In 2020, 85% of cars met the stringent EURO6 emissions standards, 14% were within EURO5 standards and only 1% met EURO4 or lower standards. In 2020, 13 vehicles with older emission standards were taken out of service. Diesel vehicles are gradually being phased out of the fleet and replaced by more environmentally friendly petrol and hybrid cars.