Global Operations Center

More than just network monitoring

What is a Global Operations Center?

Global Operations Center is like your 112 for IT related issues.

Comarch Global Operations Center presents a new, comprehensive approach to network monitoring and customer support. It is a single point of contact for our customers, combining all the advantages of a network operations center (NOC) and service desk into one, well-functioning body.

Comarch Global Operations Center is a physical place, a secure room, where administrators can keep an eye on the client’s network, all devices connected to it, various elements of IT infrastructure, operating systems and application platforms. Our experienced engineers monitor, supervise and maintain the network and other elements of each client’s IT environment and resolve issues that may arise.

A single point of contact makes reporting issues easier and more effective than ever. Your employees do not have search for the right number for a helpdesk, but have one direct route to report any IT-related problem, get information or ask even the simplest question. Neither do they have to check different systems to track ticket status, as our engineers take control of the whole ticket lifecycle; they pick up the phone, create the ticket and resolve the issue or, if this is not possible, escalate the problem to the next support line or to a third-party (telco operator or device manufacturer). All tickets are registered in JIRA, a transparent, customized, open-source tool which is used all over the world.

NOC Framework

As a global provider of IT products and services, Comarch was an early adopter of the ITIL-approach, which is based on a collection of best practices that allow us to deliver customized support while maintaining high operational efficiency. Driven by this framework we continuously improve our Network Operations Center and service desk communication both internally and externally. For our Global Operations Center we created an agile approach to network monitoring services. This makes everything easy to customize in accordance with a particular client’s business needs.

Global Operations Center Team

Comarch Global Operations Center team is more than just a network operations center team. We believe in continuous development, so our experts are not only well-trained and certified but also mentored via continuous review and feedback. We want our engineers to be aware of the technical and business impact aspects of their work. At Comarch Global Operations Center, each engineer is responsible not only for network monitoring, but also for proactive communication with customers, collecting information about incidents, and managing tickets. The more effective the communication, the faster the ticket resolution process.

In line with ITIL-standards, Comarch Global Operations Center handles tickets in a hierarchical manner. If an issue is not resolved within a specified time frame (or cannot be resolved via phone – for example a hardware issue), the next level is informed to speed up issue resolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the GOC?

    Comarch GOC (Global Operations Center) is an innovative combination of our Network Operation Center and Service Desk. Our engineers are responsible for network and IT infrastructure monitoring, providing support and communication with the customer. It is a solution that makes issue resolution easier and communication more transparent and efficient, so it fits all types of businesses and institutions.

  • 2. When is Comarch Global Operations Center available?

    Global Operations Center serves our customers 24/7. Customers may contact GOC anytime using phone, email or a dedicated ticketing system.

  • 3. How can I check the status of a request?

    At any time and for any reason, our customers may contact Global Operations Center using a dedicated email address or phone number they will be given in their agreement.

  • 4. When can I expect a follow-up response from Comarch Global Operations Center?

    Our Global Operations Center performs hourly status checks (as a minimum) on all customer tickets. Callbacks are made after an incident to update the customer and to inform them about how and when the issue will be resolved. How often further contact is made depends on the SLA agreement with each customer.

  • 5. What can Comarch Global Operations Center monitor?

    Comarch GOC offers a wide range of monitoring services. We monitor networks, devices, applications platforms and other elements of IT infrastructure, tailored to each client’s needs. Contact us to learn more.

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