Business Continuity - IT Security

Information, network, database security

The key value of the solutions in the area of ​​Business Continuity is to prepare the company to operate in a critical situation from the perspective of the utilized IT infrastructure

Comarch Business Continuity is a group of IT security management services designed to provide customers with a high level of availability of their systems, and to minimize the consequences of accidents and disasters, and to offer a possibly quick return to the state before failure.

The scope of services:

DRO (Disaster Recovery Office)
Comarch provides office space and is responsible for restoring the office environment and availability of ICT infrastructure for the client’s key employees. Comarch provides a DRO service based on its own office space in Krakow and Warsaw, where, if necessary, a client quickly gains the ability to work in a fully equipped office, adapted to its needs.
Backup and data archiving
A service for all businesses that are aware of the validity of the data stored and processed in information systems. Depending on the size of the company we will design a suitable backup system, implement it and then administer it. We offer systems based on hardware and software of the most famous vendors on the market: Symantec Netbackup, Symantec BackupExec, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, EMC NetWorker, HP Data Protector, which allows for great flexibility in the construction of optimally matched services.
Audit of operational efficiency
The objective is to optimize the efficiency of a company's IT infrastructure, and in particular to optimize the efficiency of information systems, the organizational structure of the IT department, the IT infrastructure used in the company (hardware, software) and the cost structure.
IT security audit
A full range of audits to ensure the safety and protection of information and to maintain the required level of SLA. In addition, Comarch carries out a detailed analysis of the system in terms of its vulnerability and risk assessment of existing gaps.
Audit of IT performance
It will determine the level of utilization of IT infrastructure and limit the level of the load generated on individual servers and arrays in the company. This service consists of monitoring the load generated by the application during the normal working day and on an artificially induced high load. The same shall apply when testing disk subsystems. During the audit we perform an analysis of the performance of the high availability solutions and specify the use and opportunities to optimize and consolidate existing hardware environment, operating systems and databases.
IT infrastructure audit
As part of the audit, you will receive detailed information about the hardware and software operating in the company, utilized systems and applications, as well as network security. Based on the knowledge and experience of engineers, department Integration and IT Outsourcing will conduct an audit, which will show the strengths and weaknesses of the client IT infrastructure, and present concrete proposals for change. This service will allow the user to gather the necessary information as to what programs and systems are used. The audit will also provide the necessary information that can be useful in planning purchases of new hardware or software.

It security management benefits


  • Reduction of downtime due to planned and unplanned interruptions in the operation of services
  • Minimization of financial losses due to a break in the action of key business systems
  • The ability to purchase the right solution for current business needs and, if necessary, ease of its development
  • The guarantee of continuous access to critical applications and customer data
  • Increased operational efficiency and productivity by streamlining business processes, enhancing their security and guaranteeing the availability of business systems and data
  • Increased credibility with customers and partners by eliminating potential downtime, delays in delivery or the unavailability of information, all of which  negatively affects business confidence

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