Comarch Workflow

Institutions whose main business is serving members of the public process an enormous number of documents every day. An individual form or application may start a decision making process that involves many people and is often very time consuming. This way of organizing work leads to a clash of interests between the members of the public, who want their affairs to be handled rapidly and efficiently, and the interests of the institution, which wants to use its human and organizational resources as effectively as possible. An answer to these problems may be to implement software for customer, document and group work management. This means Workflow solutions.
Comarch Workflow system
Comarch’s groupwork and document management offer covers systems built on the Comarch Documents & Workflow Management platform. This is an environment that automates service processes so that documents, information and tasks are sent from one workstation to another according to the procedures adopted in the institution. Implementing this system makes the office more efficient and effective especially in terms of work organization and document and information access.
Comarch Workflow implementation

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