Service Activation

Service Provisioning and Activation in Telecom: A System for Activation and Delivery of Telecom Provisioning Services

Comarch Service Activation is responsible for activation of service component delivery in telecom, on both legacy (based on NMS) and modern (employing NFS/SDN technologies) service platforms. Pre-integrated with Service Fulfillment & Orchestration that enables coordinated activation steps on various platforms, it facilitates provisioning of converged services and complex value-chain products.

Enabling seamless integration and swift deployment of new products and services, the system gives operators an edge and allows them to stay ahead in telecom service provisioning and activation. Together with the graphical user interface, it facilitates the definition of complex integration logic in an easy, rule-based way, and allows operators to monitor the process of activation requests for each integrated platform.

Comarch Service Activation is a multi-protocol mediation, delivering high performance implementation of enterprise application integration-class software that can be configured directly and simply using GUI. This means it is capable of transforming virtually any endpoint, system or network element into a TMF-compatible Service Activation component.

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Benefits of implementing a system for activating and launching telecoms services - Comarch Service Activation:

Adopt business logic orientation

The system controls various behavior and operations through easily changeable business rules, providing a strong foundation for new services and their activation patterns. Thanks to this, the system helps operators avoid heavy scripting when defining request processing logic in favor of a rule-based mechanism more suitable to rapid adaptation. 

Choose seamless integration, rapid deployment and cloud delivery

With a rich set of off-the-shelf, southbound, fully configurable adapters, Service Activation ensures seamless integration with your infrastructure. It provides cost and time-effective support for new and proprietary interfaces, and  binds easily vis northbound interfaces with other BSS/OSS systems. Adapters for access to the network infrastructure and deployment support tools ensure rapid implementation of the product. What’s more, every product can be installed in the cloud.

Get a comprehensive view of your services

A centralized graphical user interface gives the system’s administrator full and detailed information about system health and overall performance. It also allows telecom service provisioning requests to be tracked in detail.

Achieve true service convergence

With built-in compatibility with Comarch BSS Mediation and Comarch OSS Mediation, Comarch Service Activation brings the capability to use the abilities of these products where true convergence is required.

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