BSS Mediation

BSS Mediation in Telecom: Fully Scalable Data Collection, Processing & Distribution

Comarch BSS Mediation in telecom is a fully scalable data collection, processing and distribution system which supports all service types and provides chargeable data (including call data records, event data records, etc.) to any billing system. A rich set of ready to use functions such as feed validation, file name checking, data filtering, data enrichment, data de-duplication and data correlation allow you to build an unlimited number of data processing scenarios to meet any specific requirements. An additional integrated business logic interpreter enables the implementation of even more sophisticated custom processing actions. Take the mediation system in telecom to a new level.

To enable thorough system integration, Comarch’s system for telecom mediation provides a wide range of pre-made components that support different communication protocols. It does this in a standardized manner, identifying connectivity and data processing faults which are reported to well-structured, accessible logs and can be forwarded via email or SNMP to the system administrator. Access security for telecom mediation vendors is ensured through authentication, authorization, and cryptographic techniques, so you don’t have to worry about telecom data retention.

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Benefits of Comarch BSS Mediation:

Adapt quicker with business logic orientation

Seamlessly adapt the product to evolving business models thanks to business logic orientation and the state of the art expert system embedded in the data processor.

Gain data format independence

Operate mediation functions on a neutral data format which is unsusceptible to record definition changes such as addition or removal of record fields.

Evolve with high configurability

Execute business scenarios based on user–defined configurations constructed through wizards, templates or pre-configured installations.

Achieve superior performance

Efficiently process high volumes of data with Comarch BSS Mediation – an easily scalable system ready to handle growing business demands.

Enact rapid deployments

Conduct rapid deployment of billing mediation thanks to a range of templates, billing-oriented functions and modules.

Converge and multiply benefits

Extend telecom billing mediation with service provisioning and OSS Mediation based on complementary mediation products provided by Comarch.

Maintain full control

Access complete admin info about the system's status and performance through a centralized graphic user interface which also allows detailed tracking of processed data and manual correction of charging data.

Activate mediation

Control charging and billing of voice, data and content services in real time thanks to the active mediation function. The product is based on 3GPP standards and also supports many additional industry standard interfaces.

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"The components of KPN's previous BSS system required vast amounts of manual work being carried out by its users. Finally, a decision was made to purchase a new, integrated solution, and Comarch matched our requirements perfectly."

Cees Versteeg, Director IT and Operations, KPN Managed Mobile Solutions

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