OSS Mediation

What is Comarch OSS Mediation product?

Comarch OSS Mediation provides integration of the physical infrastructure of the network (network elements – NE and network management systems – NMS) with other OSS tools. The system aims to reduce network complexity while keeping the service and customer base intact.

The flexibility of business rule definition and the wealth of available interface and protocol adapters enables mediation products built upon Comarch OSS Mediation to support true cross-domain and cross-discipline operations that include service provisioning and monitoring, fault, performance, configuration, reconciliation and auto-discovery.

Comarch DEMO for E2E Automated Service Provisioning
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Features of Telecom OSS Mediation product:

Full FCAPS support for all domains

The system supports complete FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security) operations, across various technology domains (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, PSTN, IP, ATM and SDH).

Easy integration with external systems

Comarch OSS Mediation comes with a rich set of interfaces and adapters as well as supported systems and protocols (ASCII, SNMP, Q3, CORBA, HTTP, FTP, SFTP, SSH, JDBC, dBase, TNMP).

Flexible support for your company’s needs

You can adjust the system to your company’s business reality, thanks to easy configuration, without the need for hard coding (based on the common mediation framework). The system is open for functional / operational tweaking by the integrator as well as the end user. A flexible and configurable engine can also be quickly modified and adapted to your changing environment.

Greater control over complex system interactions

Transparent distribution of the product functions between modules lets you keep the complexity of communication between various systems under control. Comarch OSS Mediation also supports arbitrarily complex interaction schemes and multi-point communications.

Efficient communication between your network and IT

Comarch OSS Mediation provides you with a flexible, efficient and cost effective system for data and request processing. It lets you achieve fast and reliable bidirectional communication between any network entity and a high-level ‘umbrella’ network management systems.

Rule-based business logic

Rule-based business logic supports system flexibility when confronted with different data models, communication interfaces and interaction schemes. The system is business logic-oriented, with any behavior and operations controlled through business rules.

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