Comarch Asset Tracking
Comarch Asset Tracking is a cloud-based solution that enables determination of location and monitoring of tools, vehicles, and people. By using Internet-connected devices and a dedicated application, it is possible to track them indoors and outdoors. Product integration with other systems (ERP, MES, or HIS) opens the way to process automation. Generated reports and analytical tools help to identify bottlenecks and optimize the use of assets. 


Production and warehouses

You can easily locate objects and detect bottlenecks in key processes by monitoring assets in production buildings and warehouses. You can also generate valuable asset-flow reports. This helps to optimize the use of tools and machines, as well as increase safety. To learn more about use of Comarch's solution in manufacturing companies and warehouses, click here.

Construction industry

You can easily find all the things you need. With a hybrid solution based on Bluetooth and GPS, you can track the location of materials, tools, and machines at construction sites. As a result, you can manage assets more efficiently on the company level by optimizing logistics and preventing theft.

Care facilities

A significant portion of a nursing facility's expenses is equipment replacement costs and wasted nursing hours. Track assets in the hospital setting, reduce equipment and staff maintenance costs, and improve the quality of patient services. Provide better care by reducing staff work time in operational processes.

In-building navigation


 Comarch Asset Tracking can provide your customers with navigation to key locations inside buildings where GPS is not available. This can increase your ability to interact with them - from improving service quality to direct marketing. In the management panel, you can track the movements of people in the building and with the analytical tools you can determine the typical customer behavior.

Benefits of IoT Asset Tracking

Comarch devices and the Asset Tracking application

Comarch Devices


The Comarch Asset Tracking application, in the browser and mobile version, enables locating assets on a facility map, configuring virtual zones, setting up rules, and generating event notifications. Moreover, it facilitates the analysis of historical location data with the help of analytical tools (spaghetti diagram, heatmaps) and reports. You can also use it to efficiently configure building maps and your Comarch devices.

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Optimization of Production and Logistics Processes Thanks to Asset Tracking

Download our free white paper on the Comarch Asset Tracking solution in the warehouse space. From the white paper you can learn what Comarch Asset Tracking is and what its functionalities are. It presents examples of practical applications and improvements in the operation of industrial spaces.



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