Comarch Retail OMS (Order Management System) is a place where you can manage the whole retail chain, from the configuration of processes occurring in brick and mortar shops to processes taking place in e-shops and the flow of documents within an entire trading network. What is more, the Comarch Retail OMS system supports the comprehensive management of prices and discounts.

Comarch Retail is a platform which allows companies to process sales of products or services through different distribution channels. The communication between staff and customers is becoming more important as store prices are increasing and technology is developing. Thanks to Comarch Retail, your employees can provide effective and efficient service to all customers and meet their expectations.

Before this service is provided to a customer (in a stationary, mobile or online store), the demand for items that will be included in the offer must be determined and be reflected in the supply.

Your employees should only execute the tasks which cannot be performed manually. For that reason, built-in process automation tools – Business Process Management and advanced Business Intelligence mechanisms are important elements of the Comarch Retail platform – they can analyse the condition of entire enterprise down to the sales achieved in a single store.

Thanks to Comarch Retail, your customers and employees can work via web browsers, tablets or smartphones in modern and intuitive interfaces adjusted to the needs of your company. 

An important aspect of the platform is the extensive configuration possibilities, allowing for handling a chain of your own or franchised stores – also in a multi-company structure.

With Comarch Retail, your company constantly follows the latest trends and satisfies the needs of your customers and business clients.  

Comarch OmniChannel Sales

In a time of customer behaviour changes and higher customer expectations, ensuring a coherent shopping experience at all points where a customer interacts with your brand is a large and important challenge. Customers expect seamless access to offers via different devices, clarity and intuitiveness of the purchase process and the possibility of supporting processes related to shopping in various channels (e.g. post sale support, complaints and returns, delivery processing, etc.). These needs can be satisfied by implementing an omnichannel sales strategy, in which all the channels are interrelated and relevant. 

The Comarch Retail platform provides full support for an omnichannel approach, sharing with vendors an ecosystem which includes such solutions as: stationary and mobile POS, e-shoponline B2B platformB2C and B2B mobile applications, electronic data exchange (EDI).

Smart areas of Comarch Retail

Business Intelligence

Trading companies continue to collect an increasing amount of information, and gathering, structuring and analysing this data becomes an ever increasing challenge. Comarch Business Intelligence tools provide support in this area. They enable the data to be transformed into valuable information, which can then be used to draw appropriate conclusions to be applied in key processes within the company. 

Business Intelligence is an integral part of the Comarch Retail platform, which provides complete, fast and clear insight into companies' situations. Thanks to individually prepared sets of reports and dashboards, the decision process is streamlined at different levels of the organisation and process automation on the basis of received data can be performed directly in the system interface.

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Business Process Management

Modern enterprises operate on the basis of processes developed throughout many years of work. The success of many companies was affected their insistance of adhering to their own particular practises and methods, rather than allowing the potential of better suited practises which would enable them to gain a competitive advantage. The Comarch Retail system is equipped with a professional tool – Business  Process Management, which allows for designing and fully or partially automating the original processes of given enterprises.

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