Enterprise Management

In the time of business globalisation, fewer companies can afford to operate on their local markets alone. Therefore, many large companies open subsidaries in other countries, thus gaining successive target markets. Dividing large companies into smaller regional or branch companies, which are easier to manage, is becoming a growing trend.
The expansion of companies to foreign markets comes with the necessity to employ workers who speak the countries language – therefore, it is important that the enterprise management system is also available in those languages.

Any work model:

  • Single company enterprises
  • Holdings
  • International holdings

Any sales model:

  • Own stores
  • Franchised stores
  • Consignment sales 
  • Mixed models

Multi-company approach

Comarch Retail system has extensive configuring possibilities, making it a perfect choice for both single company enterprises and expanded holdings including many subsidiary companies and departments.

The system enables you manage the entire enterprise, subsidaries and local departments within the subsidaries, you can have access to the data on all of these various levels.


Comarch Retail system's standard version supports five interface languages: Polish, English, German, French and Spanish. However, owing to the attached application named Comarch ERP Translator, it is possible to translate the interface into any language. 


For each company established in the Comarch Retail system, it is possible to select basic currency or VAT rates for the specific countries. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to manage many companies operating on different currency markets in one database and on one system. Settling transactions can be carried out on the basis of currency exchange rates, which are automatically downloaded from the European Central Bank.  Compliance with Polish, French and Spanish law provisions is ensured.

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