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Wholesale Billing in Telecom: Manage B2B Relations in Roaming and Wholesale Settlements

Comarch Wholesale Billing Software for Telecoms allows service and content providers to exchange billing data and invoices, and share revenue or cost information with partners. The system facilitates the management of relations with domestic and international business partners, and supports various business models, which include revenue sharing, wholesale, and roaming services. The easily scalable billing software for wholesalers is fully prepared to support the newest services and is open to business evolution. Comarch Telecom Wholesale Billing processes high volumes of any kind of service (voice, data, messaging, content, and others) within any kind of agreement, including bilateral, hubbing, revenue sharing, roaming, MVNO, and content-based.

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Benefits of Comarch Wholesale Billing

Get support for various types of partner agreements

Interconnect, roaming (TAP/RAP/NRTRDE/HUR), revenue-shared content, MVNO, M2M settlement, signaling, and OTT partners are just some of the examples. 

Streamline partner management functionalities

Enables communication providers to handle their relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners while automating the majority of the duties necessary for working together on telecom interconnect billing.

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Simplify B2B2X operations in the digital era

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