Partner Management

Partner Management: A Tool for Managing the Process of Creating and Delivering Digital Services in Telecoms

Modern telecom systems fit for the digitized and global economy need to account for synchronization between enterprise customers and their partners in terms of language, time, currency, and platform. Comarch Partner Management provides much needed flexibility in liaising between enterprises and various third parties by allowing the modeling of any type of service from SLAs and offers up to central Product Catalog.

Quotation and sales processes are modeled in the catalog-driven approach. The first quotation is carried out instantly, based on a minimum information set required to provide bids that are quick yet accurate. The entire process, including communication with partners, is fully automated – once the bid is accepted it is converted into a customer order.

In the context of CSPs and customers’ businesses operating globally, multi-currency support is vital, and Comarch Partner Management ensures that enterprise headquarters receive bids in one common currency, regardless of the company’s branch location and the currencies in which the offers for remote offices’ services were issued. The module’s support for full multi-tenancy means partners from all over the world can use the same platform even when they have access only to their own products, processes and clients. In Partner Management, Comarch provides a tool that gives multinational customers secure, standardized, stable, and easily deployed global services.

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Benefits of implementing a product to manage communication with partners and their services - Comarch Partner Management:

Holistic Digital Ecosystem Management

Simplified day to day business processes into a multi-tenant and
multi-currency environment.

Easy product configuration

Easily-modifiable configuration stored in Centralized Product Catalog & Party Information Management module defines how system and processes actually work.

Potential for global growth

Support for multiple currencies, tax rules, and languages.

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