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Comarch Software and Hardware Services is the combination of expert, high-quality, end-to-end solutions for global clients and partners. Our team consists of specialists and engineers with a deep understanding of clients’ needs in the areas of software development, connectivity, integration, quality assurance, interoperability, and cross-platform services. Our vast knowledge of modern technologies, supported by a combination of hardware and software, helps us to deliver a comprehensive, individual approach in each project. Through several years of cooperation with market leaders, we have gained experience much needed to equip your company with desired solutions. We guarantee an individual approach regarding the form of cooperation, and our role and visibility in the project. When it comes to IPR, we are flexible to the point that we can transfer it to the client after the project ends.


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Comarch's sales and consulting experts in the field of software and hardware services - ready to answer any bothering questions. Please do not hesitate to contact them.

  • Paweł Furman

    Sales Center Director


    Connected with Comarch from 2009. Currently, as a Sales Center Director, I am leading a world-class sales team which helps our partners to develop their ideas and achieve superior business results, thanks to Comarch Software and Hardware Services. When not engaging with the IT world I love spending time outside the city clearing my head during hiking or biking.


  • Marcin Adaś

    Sales Center Director


    Responsible for business development to digitize the automotive and mobility industries. Leading cross-functional teams to support Comarch partners in the whole journey from the Idea through MVP and scale-up with global rollouts. That includes cooperation with car manufacturers and Tier1s, as well as the introduction of smart service providers into the automotive ecosystem. I am a foodie who also enjoys biking and sailing.


  • Filip Sordyl

    Sales Specialist


    Problem-solving oriented, and passionate about sales. Determined to exceed each client’s business goals and company targets. Proactively transforming ideas into action. In Comarch, I’m responsible for the sales process in the connectivity, certification, and consumer electronics area. In my spare time, I focus on personal development and sports, including martial arts and mountain biking.




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