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Comarch Software and Hardware Services is the combination of expert, high-quality, end-to-end solutions for global clients and partners. Our team consists of specialists and engineers with a deep understanding of clients’ needs in the areas of software development, connectivity, integration, quality assurance, interoperability, and cross-platform services. Our vast knowledge of modern technologies, supported by a combination of hardware and software, helps us to deliver a comprehensive, individual approach in each project. Through several years of cooperation with market leaders, we have gained experience much needed to equip your company with desired solutions. We guarantee an individual approach regarding the form of cooperation, and our role and visibility in the project. When it comes to IPR, we are flexible to the point that we can transfer it to the client after the project ends.


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Comarch's sales and consulting experts in the field of software and hardware services - ready to answer any bothering questions. Please do not hesitate to contact them.

  • Piotr Nowobilski

    Presales Consultant


    I have been a member of the Comarch team since 2017. Currently serving as a Presales Consultant, I handle diverse responsibilities, from analyzing market trends and competitor landscapes to crafting tailored strategies that drive business growth and transformation. Collaborating closely with clients, I guide them through the entire consultancy journey, from initial assessments and solution design to implementation and performance monitoring. Beyond work, you will find me on mountain roads, hiking for a refreshing escape. Furthermore, my passion for dance takes the form of Bachata, adding a rhythmic and expressive dimension to my life.


  • Tymoteusz Polanski

    Presales Consultant


    As a Presales Consultant, my role involves strategizing and shaping solutions within the tech industry to maximize product value and efficiency for our clients. Collaborating with technical teams, I ensure that our proposals are not just innovative but also technically feasible, enabling swift and effective implementations. Outside the office, I am passionate about functional strength training, which keeps both my body and mind in peak condition. Additionally, I am a volleyball player, which hones my team spirit and strategic thinking-skills I translate back into my professional life.


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