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Comarch Software and Hardware Services is the combination of expert, high-quality, end-to-end solutions for global clients and partners. Our team consists of specialists and engineers with a deep understanding of clients’ needs in the areas of software development, connectivity, integration, quality assurance, interoperability, and cross-platform services. Our vast knowledge of modern technologies, supported by a combination of hardware and software, helps us to deliver a comprehensive, individual approach in each project. Through several years of cooperation with market leaders, we have gained experience much needed to equip your company with desired solutions. We guarantee an individual approach regarding the form of cooperation, and our role and visibility in the project. When it comes to IPR, we are flexible to the point that we can transfer it to the client after the project ends.


Embedded Software

Our internal R&D projects and many years of cooperation with our clients and partners have given us vast experience in creating embedded software. Based on customer requirements, we design, develop, test and maintain software dedicated for specific needs. Our key customers are manufacturers of consumer electronics, semiconductors, and other electronic components. We are experts in wireless connectivity (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, proprietary protocols) and audio solutions.

Mobile Apps

Mobile application development and maintenance experience include iOS, Android, Tizen and cross-platform solutions. Deep knowledge of each platform’s capabilities allows us to develop complex applications with deep system integration features and wireless connectivity. We develop applications for newer and older generation phones and tablets. Our testing background includes about 200 models of phones and tablets, which we use to develop, test, and verify our mobile applications.

Backend Apps

Our mission is to provide system architecture dedicated for the needs of each client and product. We always do our best to build tailored solutions that will conform to current and future system requirements. We are very flexible and always recommend architecture for current needs with possibilities for further extension. Not only that, but we apply monitoring to see how the created services are being used, and to make reasonable decisions based on real results.

Certification Products and Services

Over the years, Comarch has worked with various organizations and gained knowledge of how to support certification entities at each step of the creation of certification programs. Cooperation with leading standardization alliances has helped us to build our own portfolio of products and services for certification alliances, and to position our team as an equal partner in standardization-related projects such as test tool development, test development automation, and cybersecurity-related projects.

Discover more about certification products here.

QA Services

In every project, we act in a planned and systematic way to ensure that the quality requirements of the final product are met in the process of its creation. Quality assurance is a critical and crucial element of every project, which is why we place particular emphasis on the quality of the products and services in order to meet increasing client expectations during the whole life of the project. As a result of our collective efforts to improve and develop the company's own quality management system, Comarch has been awarded a number of certificates. We provide QA services as part of the software, firmware, and hardware projects we run, and as a separate service to ensure quality for projects provided by customers.

Third-party Integrations

Integration of third-party vendors’ deliverables based on clients’ needs has become a significant part of Comarch’s services in various industries, especially the automotive sector. Our team’s wide expertise includes voice assistants, smart home services, music providers, payments, and smart parking solutions.

UX/UI Design
We design user interfaces visually (UI) and functionally (UX). Our UX/UI designers develop projects for various sectors, including automotive, healthcare, premium audio, and many others, striving to achieve customer goals by usability testing, UX research, UI design, and service design.

Desktop Apps

Apps directly installed on operating systems. Desktop application development and maintenance experience for Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. Our expertise includes applications that complement the equipment itself, as well as its application and testing.

DevOps and Cloud Expertise

We use our expertise in DevOps and the cloud to carry out administrative work, including tasks related to cloud structure management. This involves handling, compiling and configuring cloud solutions for projects, and managing these projects and configurations. We're equipped with the knowledge to handle cloud technologies from different vendors, but we can also provide appropriate supervision and support of Comarch Cloud.

Hardware Expertise

Operating our own production plant, we are able to provide hardware manufacturing services for R&D, as well as low-volume production series. Our experience covers all areas of device development, including concept preparation, feasibility studies, hardware and layout designs, hardware reviews, embedded software development, quality assurance, and production preparation. 

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Comarch's sales and consulting experts in the field of software and hardware services - ready to answer any bothering questions. Please do not hesitate to contact them.

  • Paweł Furman

    Sales Center Director


    Connected with Comarch from 2009. Currently, as a Sales Center Director, I am leading a world-class sales team which helps our partners to develop their ideas and achieve superior business results, thanks to Comarch Software and Hardware Services. When not engaging with the IT world I love spending time outside the city clearing my head during hiking or biking.


  • Marcin Adaś

    Sales Center Director


    Responsible for business development to digitize the automotive and mobility industries. Leading cross-functional teams to support Comarch partners in the whole journey from the Idea through MVP and scale-up with global rollouts. That includes cooperation with car manufacturers and Tier1s, as well as the introduction of smart service providers into the automotive ecosystem. I am a foodie who also enjoys biking and sailing.


  • Filip Sordyl

    Sales Specialist


    Problem-solving oriented, and passionate about sales. Determined to exceed each client’s business goals and company targets. Proactively transforming ideas into action. In Comarch, I’m responsible for the sales process in the connectivity, certification, and consumer electronics area. In my spare time, I focus on personal development and sports, including martial arts and mountain biking.


  • Szymon Caban

    Presales Consultant


    Drawing from my interdisciplinary background I provide substantive support for the sales process by preparing technical and business specifications for offered solutions. Furthermore, I help in concept creation and compile requirements for planning future product development. I am an avid tennis player and a scenic bike route enjoyer.




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