Comarch's role in the certification environment

Comarch, as a professional services provider, commercially supports certification organizations at individual stages of standards development. We provide our solutions and services to support alliances in the creation of certification programs such as tool development, process automation and consulting services. At the same time, we help other members of the organizations in the process of spreading and implementing new standards. In thinking about an “alliance” we also need to remember about ATLs (authorized test laboratories), for which we provide tools, training and other services to facilitate the certification cycle.

With their vast knowledge of the certification environment, our engineers have a better understanding of challenges with which new and mature alliances have to deal on a daily basis.

It is also important that Comarch acts both as a commercial partner and as a member of certification organizations if such need arises.

Certification history in Comarch

Comarch has been a reliable partner in the certification environment since 2007, when we created a new version of the Certification Tool for UPnP. Over the years, we’ve worked with various organizations and gained knowledge of how to support certification bodies at each step of the creation of certification programs and their members in adoption of technologies. Cooperation with leading standardization organizations has helped us to build our own portfolio of products and services for certification alliances, and to position our team as an equal partner in projects.

Selected examples of Comarch implementations for certification organizations

Comarch expertise in standardization

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Comarch solutions for certification organizations

  • Reduction of time to market
  • Modular architecture that makes it easy to adjust the test tool
  • Lower test tool development and maintenance costs

Comarch has developed test tools for numerous organizations using various technologies and meeting different requirements. In recent years our experienced members of the team dedicated for working in certification related projects has successfully delivered solutions for the most recognizable Certification Alliances. The experience we have gained over the years has enabled us to develop the Comarch Automated Test Framework, which consists of ready components of a technical solution to be used in test tools in order to shorten development time and ensure the high stability and maturity of tools that Comarch develop for alliances. The high flexibility of the CATF and the number of available features allow easy customization and application of the solution.

  • Application with GUI, which automates the process of test specification creation
  • Possibility to write and store test specification as text files
  • Automatic versioning and common format for test specifications

Test development is another solution that Comarch creates for certification organizations. We have gained wide knowledge about every step of the development of certification programs, from specification to tool development, test implementation, and the implementation of new tests and verticals. This adds huge value in our dialog with organizations, where test development tends to take a lot of time. In this particular area, we have always been a reliable and flexible partner for organizations with different approaches to test development. Finding the most suitable solution usually requires a number of technical conversations, and that’s where our wide expertise is highly appreciated.

  • Plugfest and organizing members’ meetings on Comarch premises
  • Pre-testing
  • Cyber-security related services
  • Implementation of test scripts and unification of test results
  • System integration
  • Support and maintenance services based on SLA
  • Support for member companies in standards adoption

In the course of more than 15 years, Comarch has gained appropriate experience regarding the development of certification programs, and of other alliances’ activities that are not directly connected with testing and certification but which we’ve been supporting. The certification environment requires a specific approach and understanding of the challenges faced by an alliance. That’s where Comarch presents a high level of flexibility, taking advantage of our diversified portfolio of products and services that we are able to provide for certification alliances to support their efforts.

The most important certification organizations we work with

See Comarch's product demos for certification alliances

Recent meetings for alliances’ members, hosted by Comarch

Members’ meetings and Plugfests - the most important things for us are to be close to our customers, to connect with them systematically and to help them reach their goals. That is why Comarch has organized a number of consortium summits, plugfests and other events in our headquarters in Kraków. This has allowed us to gain deep knowledge about the needs, requirements, challenges and weaknesses of the distributed organizational structure in alliances.

Awards for Comarch

The OCF Outstanding Contributor Award 2020
  • Individual award: for Engineering Director Jacek Hryszkiewicz

For more about the award, follow the link.

The OCF Outstanding Contributor Awards 2017
  • Individual award: for Engineering Director Jacek Hryszkiewicz
  • Group award: for Comarch Certification Team

For more about the award, follow the link

The UPnP Outstanding Contributor Awards 2014
  • Individual award: for Engineering Director Grzegorz Kafel
  • Group award: for Comarch Certification Team

For more about the award, follow the link

Selected references

  • We selected Comarch as they were the best-qualified fit to develop the OCF Test Tool and they fully met our expectations becoming recognized as an OCF Outstanding Partner & Contributor for their efforts to drive OCF forward.

    Comarch's development of the OCF Certification Test Tool demonstrates a strong commitment to establishing OCF as a leading communication standard. Comarch has also been a strong advocate for OCF by hosting and assisting with organizing Plugfests and OCF face-to-face meetings. 
    Ed Agis
    OCF Certification Work Group Chair 
  • Comarch has proven to be the right choice for CCC. They have understood and precisely addressed our requirements, and been able to ramp-up quickly to provide an excellent solution for our test tool needs.

    Our experience has shown that Comarch has regularly supported us in a timely manner with the code releases, and been able to adjust and accommodate extra tasks resulting from unexpected changes. Comarch’s professional cooperation with all companies associated in the Car Connectivity Consortium is highly appreciated. 

    Alan Ewing
    Executive Director, Car Connectivity Consortium

  • Comarch has developed a comprehensive AirFuel Alliance Testing System which consists of the software and hardware parts and allows testing and certification of products that use the Resonant standard.

    Comarch has also provided TTA with a training program that was carried out professionally on TTA premises in South Korea.  The training helped TTA understand key aspects of relevant technologies and processes from the perspective of the AirFuel Alliance ATL role.
    Dongho Kim
    Department Director, TTA
  •  Comarch has been successfully cooperating with UPnP Forum for several years in the area of certification processes and tool development.

    The Project Manager and members of the implementation team have shown the top level of professionalism, conscientiously executing the tasks entrusted to them and delivering the results in due time.
    Alan Messer
    Forum President and Chairman, UPnP
  • Comarch has worked with the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) to develop the Remote User Access Tool for certification.
    Comarch successfully developed the code and produced a high-quality release which met DLNA's quality assurance requirements. The unit test, box test and regression test were all undertaken to a high standard.  
    Andi Hall
    Director of Technical Operations, DLNA