Comarch wins UPnP Forum Outstanding Contribution Award

UPnP Forum recognized Comarch with Outstanding Contribution Awards 2013. Comarch received two awards: one for Grzegorz Kafel, Consulting Manager at Cloud, Connectivity and Mobility Business Unit and the other one for Comarch as a company. With the awards, the organization recognizes the most actively participating and contributing members that influence the strength and viability of UPnP Forum. The awards confirm Comarch’s expertise in the area of certification management and proactive approach in the innovative areas such as digital services introduction.

Grzegorz Kafel was recognized for his continued involvement in UPnP Forum activities, including the organization’s task forces, as well as the promotion of UPnP technology within other industry organizations.

Comarch as a company received a separate award. Comarch cooperates with the Forum on developing and maintaining certification tools. UPnP Forum appreciated that, in addition to all the development activities, Comarch has gone beyond the agreements with Forum, performing analysis and clarifications in the UPnP specifications and developing test scenarios.

Grzegorz Kafel, Consulting Manager at Comarch 

- Comarch’s proactive attitude resulted in going far beyond the agreed scope of work, including stepping in the new roles in the project. This includes taking on the role that would traditionally be handled by quality assurance, allowing UPnP Forum working committees to develop sophisticated tests. We also highly appreciate that Comarch continues to provide the Forum with creative and innovative solutions being a real partner in discussion, says Aja Murray, Executive Director, UPnP Forum.

- I am honored to be among the winners of this year’s UPnP Forum awards. I have been actively involved in all the stages of development and maintenance of the UPnP Certification Tool and I am proud that the organization has appreciated my efforts. I look forward to working with UPnP technology in the future, says Grzegorz Kafel, Consulting Manager at Comarch.  

Comarch’s expertise in the area of certification management has also been proved by other industry organizations, such as the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) and the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA). Comarch has experience in developing environment supporting the application certification program for Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) called the Application Certification Management System (ACMS). The system is already prepared to test growing number of applications and thanks to its scalability, it will correspond with the predicted rapid growth in the number of applications in the future. For DLNA Comarch has been developing certification tools necessary to grant DLNA logo that confirms that electronic devices are compatible right out of the box to network with other DLNA CERTIFIED® products, what as a result, allows consumers easy media sharing.