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Senior IT Decision-Makers Facing Tough Dilemmas Over Implementing New Technologies

Comarch, a global manufacturer and vendor of IT services, has today announced new research exploring the challenges faced by telco CTOs and CIOs when it comes to implementing new technologies.

Cloud Technology: An Opportunity for Retailers

How retailers can get started with cloud?

Final call to be ready with e-invoicing in Italy from January 2019

Does your company have a subsidiary in Italy?

Data Center Outlook

Managing Data Center Strategies in a Fragmented Regulatory Landscape



    • 2019-06-19
      Denver 2019-06-19

      Meet Comarch in Denver for GS-1 Connect 2019

    • 2019-05-17
      New York City 2019-05-17

      Comarch Foresight Series 2019 is upon us!

    • 2019-03-21
      Sydney 2019-03-21

      Discussing new trends & innovations during Customer Engagement & Loyalty Dinner 2019

    • 2019-03-12
      Brussels 2019-03-12

      Comarch is the Silver Sponsor of the GS1 Forum 2019 in Brussels

    • 2019-03-07
      Ho Chi Minh City 2019-03-07

      Learn how business automation technologies continue to redesign the retail market during a tech summit in Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

    • 2019-02-18
      Paris 2019-02-18

      Find out more about travel loyalty solutions at the Loyalty & Awards 2019

    • 2018-11-07
      Frankfurt, Germany 2018-11-07

      Meet Comarch ICT at Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt

    • 2018-10-31
      Long Beach 2018-10-31

      Comarch sponsors 9th Mega Event Worldwide

    • 2018-10-28
      Las Vegas 2018-10-28

      Meet Comarch at the Groceryshop Conference

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