Comarch accredited as a Peppol Service Provider at Malaysia's National E-Invoicing Open Day

Comarch become fully accredited by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) as a Peppol Service Provider (SP). On July 16, 2024, we will be participating in the upcoming National E-Invoicing Open Day. The event, aimed at promoting e-invoicing adoption among businesses, will be held in Kuala Lumpur.

A Platform for Business and Technology Collaboration

The National E-Invoicing Open Day is a valuable opportunity for businesses to explore, network, and identify suitable e-invoicing solutions. Comarch will be showcasing our offerings at the event.

The event format facilitates direct engagement between businesses and accredited Peppol Service Providers and Peppol-Ready Solution Providers. This means companies can have one-to-one discussions with various providers, including Comarch representatives, to address their specific e-invoicing needs and explore how solutions can enhance business efficiency and ensure compliance with upcoming tax regulations.

E-Invoicing in Malaysia

MDEC's National E-Invoicing Initiative mandates e-invoicing for businesses with a turnover exceeding RM100 million starting from August 1, 2024. The mandate becomes applicable to all businesses by July 1, 2025.

Implementing e-invoicing offers benefits to companies operating in Malaysia, beyond mere regulatory compliance. It streamlines business processes, reduces costs, and improves transparency throughout the invoicing cycle.

Join Comarch at the National E-Invoicing Open Day

Comarch is committed to supporting Malaysian businesses in their e-invoicing journey. Register now and learn more about the event. Visit our booth at the National E-Invoicing Open Day to discover our e-invoicing solutions.

See you there!

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