Comarch Manhole Monitoring
Comarch Manhole Monitoring is an IoT solution for fully automatic monitoring of the opening and closing states of all hatches, including sewage wells, electrical boxes, tips and doors. It can be used on the surface and in underground, hard to reach places, where there is no power supply or where the traditional GSM signal does not reach. By combining the work of sensors, innovative Narrowband IoT (or LTE Cat.M1) technology and cloud capabilities, it is possible to collect, analyze and monetize data.

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How it works?

The system consists of small battery-powered devices that are mounted to the manholes or any other infrastructure that can be opened or closed with a limit switch. Each opening and closing of the is noted by sensors located in the gateway. These, via standardized communication protocols (NB-IoT or LTE Cat. M1) send an event signal to the IoT platform (Comarch IoT Platform or other). Then, data are received, processed and analyzed. On this basis, the platform can send alerts to the customer and generate reports. Importantly, it can also be integrated with other Comarch or external IT systems (such as Comarch FSM, which is used to manage the work of field employees).

Maximize business effects thanks to Comarch Smart Metering

The system can be used in several business models, as an independent solution and as part of Comarch Smart Metering (this is an IoT system for remote data reading from utilieties meters). Comarch Manhole Monitoring is a fully flexible system that can also be expanded with other sensors or Internet of Things modules.

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Components of solution


Comarch Manhole Monitoring Module


Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) – LTE Cat.M1


or external systems

We develop our solutions END TO END

Comarch Manhole Monitoring is an end to end solution. It was entirely designed and prepared in Poland, from the R&D process, through prototyping and the production of equipment, to software development after integration with the customer systems. This model allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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