The Problem

Many of us are concerned about our ignorance of the health of our relatives who live away from us, and thus about ways to solve the problem of remote care for them. Are there elderly people in your family who need support, suffer from chronic diseases, or whose independence is limited? Are you unable to visit them daily and offer help in emergency situations?

Trust the technology and take care of your loved ones by monitoring their health from anywhere, 24/7.


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The Problem

Comarch CareMate

Comarch CareMate is a digital caregiver that is always at hand. The service consists of a mobile application which, in combination with the integrated Comarch WristBand, offers a modern solution dedicated to the elderly and the chronically ill, as well as their caregivers. The extended model includes support of paramedics from the Comarch Remote Medical Care Center.
  • Comarch CareMate mobile application
  • Device available as a bracelet or key fob

What does the solution offer?

  • Remote viewing of data, e.g. preview of the user’s exact location (via the integrated GPS)
  • Approximate monitoring of the heart rate and activity of the senior citizen (includes a pedometer)
  • Telephone calls to the user
  • Sharing accounts with other caregivers
  • Checking the battery charge level of the device
  • Current information whether the user is wearing the Comarch WristBand
  • Important notifications that enable the wearer to call for help or consult a paramedic (the device has an SOS button which enables automatic calls to the caregiver)

Comarch CareMate

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Operation modes

Comarch CareMate

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