SLA monitoring

SLA Monitoring: An IT System for Monitoring Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in Telecoms

A telecom SLA (service level agreement) defines a set of specific services tuned to the needs of a given customer, along with quality parameters that can be technical (for example, measured service availability) or organizational (such as reaction time or notification time). An SLA in telecom services can also define rate reductions and discounts that are applied when a service provider fails to meet the desired service parameters or the terms of an agreement. Under the general terms of an SLA telecom contract, service infringements significantly reduce the revenue from specific services.

Comarch SLA Monitoring allows telecom operators to define and monitor services and related SLAs, using an SLA management process to increase customer satisfaction and minimize losses resulting from SLA complaints.

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Predictive Maintenance as the first step towards Intelligent Assurance

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Benefits of implementing a system for monitoring service level agreements - Comarch SLA Monitoring:

Monitoring different aspects of your SLA contracts

SLAs may span your fulfillment and assurance processes, and could even impact the contract closing phase – monitor them using one tool.

Ensure SLA terms are met with Predictive Maintenance and Machine Learning

Use advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically define baselines and detect anomalies in your network.

Integrate your SLA events with intelligent event processing

Embed SLA threshold-crossing events generated by your SLA monitoring into end to end processing of events arising from different sources.

Expand into a broader assurance solution

Integrate Comarch SLA Monitoring with Comarch OSS Service Desk to efficiently support incident, problem and change management processes.

Dashboard for Service Level Agreement Monitoring

Dashboard for Service Level Agreement Monitoring

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