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Comarch CEM: One Tool for Comprehensive Telco Customer Experience Management

Comarch Customer Experience Management (CEM) plays a key role in monitoring and managing the quality of telco services. It is a product that monitors and controls customer experience in telecom networks. Covering all aspects of CEM, the solution forms a suite of telecom customer experience management tools for optimizing services delivered to specific groups or even individual customers. This helps service providers move from network/resource and service-focused operations, so they can take a customer-centric approach to mobile customer experience management.

Comarch’s approach to customer experience management in telecoms supplements traditional methods with additional data sources. Operators asking how to improve customer experience in telecom will find in Comarch CEM the tools they require in order to collects and analyze data from their telecommunications systems. Passive and active probes are used to monitor the provision of services, including those delivered by third parties. With the consent of users, data collected from devices and applications during the simulation of typical customer behavior can be used to improve the quality of service and, ultimately, telecom customer experience.

Only such a holistic, comprehensive approach to telco customer experience management will bring the desired business benefits in the CEM domain. With this in mind, Comarch’s CEM product covers the entire customer lifecycle, with particular emphasis on the organization, delivery, and use of services. Because Comarch offers a broad portfolio of IT tools in this area (customer complaint solutions, CRM data, social media monitoring, and loyalty management), it’s easy to integrate data from other sources with Comarch CEM. This boosts telecom customer experience management by giving telcos accurate and up to date 360° insight into customer perception and satisfaction.

Wondering how to improve customer experience in telecom? Comarch has the tools to help

Comarch’s CEM suite of customer experience management tools includes automation of predictive maintenance in the areas of service quality management, fault management CEM. Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, data from these fields can be integrated for analysis in order to identify, rectify and even prevent recurring customer complaints and deterioration of service quality (automated problem detection). In this way, Comarch’s customer experience assurance tools help telcos improve customer perception of services, either in specific areas or based on other criteria such as type of device.

CEM Use Cases

Bring Your Telco to the Next Level with a Total Experience Strategy

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Benefits of implementing – Comarch’s Customer Experience Management Telecom Solution

Increase CEM process efficiency

Drive satisfaction to new levels to protect existing customer-based revenue streams.

Unleash the power of AI-based maintenance

Identify, resolve and even prevent network issues to speed up troubleshooting and reduce mean time to repair.

Get a 360° customer view

Understand  your customers’ behavior and requirements and better personalize offers, increase loyalty and minimize churn

Measure and manage customer experience

Keep tabs on customer satisfaction and optimize service performance to eliminate problems and boost customer experience

Identify new revenue streams

Use big data analytics to understand which products your customers love, what more they want, and when and how best to deploy services

Identify bad coverage and poor quality areas 

Using data from reported customer complaints and signaling data to analyze areas with insufficient availability and poor quality of services for all customers and specific categories of customers.

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LG U+ (South Korea)

Support in launch of the world’s first 5G network with the help of Comarch products from the Operations Support Systems and Intelligent Assurance & Analytics range

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