Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management: A System for Managing Customer Experience in Telecoms

Comarch Customer Experience Management (CEM) plays an overarching role in service monitoring and service quality management, transforming service management by providing an insight into customers’ perceptions of services provided by telecoms operators. It helps network providers make the leap from network/resource-centric operations to customer-focused ones, delivering effective telecom customer experience management tools.

Comarch believes that only a holistic, end to end approach will bring the desired business benefits from the implementation of customer experience management in telecom organizations. Therefore, Comarch’s unique approach towards CEM covers the complete customer lifecycle, with special focus on service usage. However, as Comarch offers a broad portfolio of IT tools in this field (solutions handling customer complaints, CRM data, social media monitoring and loyalty management), data from other sources can be integrated into Comarch CEM easily, providing an accurate and up to date 360°-degree view of customer perception and satisfaction. All kinds of data sources, including active probes and third-party source systems, are supported, helping you improve the telecom customer experience you deliver.

With a comprehensive and expandable set of profitable use cases, an embedded process approach, integration with other integrated assurance tools (such as fault management and trouble ticketing) and built-in analytical capabilities, Comarch CEM allows you to reach the next level in telco customer experience management. It enables transformation towards mature, customer-focused integrated operations, and a step on the road to becoming a customer-focused digital service provider.

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CEM Use Cases

Customer Experience Management Use cases

Optimizing Long-term Costs by Introducing Pervasive AI

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Benefits of implementing a customer experience managing system - Comarch Customer Experience Management:

Increase CEM process efficiency and protect revenues

Provide your staff with detailed information to insrease the speed of troubleshooting processes and shorten mean time to repair. Use self-healing capabilities, prioritize incidents and solve problems faster to protect your revenues.

Personalize your offers

Understand telecom customer behavior and be proactive in providing better personalized offers. Improve customer satisfaction, increase loyalty and decrease churn rate.

Increase customer satisfaction

Measure your customers’ quality of experience and optimize service performance. Identify and eliminate problems perceived by your customers increase satisfaction and reduce churn.

Develop your business

Identify new revenue streams and leverage big data capabilities to launch new products, build partnerships or provide new services.

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Support in reaching the goal of becoming a carrier-neutral infrastructure leader thanks to Comarch BSS

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LG U+ (South Korea)

Support in launch of the world’s first 5G network with the help of Comarch products from the Operations Support Systems and Intelligent Assurance & Analytics range

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