Roaming Monitoring

Roaming Monitoring: A System for Monitoring the Quality of Telecom Services in Roaming

The increasing complexity of the telecommunications environment and fierce competition in this industry bring new challenges for operators seeking to maintain or increase revenue streams. Focus on the customer is one way in which these goals can be attained. Assuring smooth operations and an appropriate level of customer experience, especially for high-revenue services such as roaming, is the key to getting this right. However, without adequate data sources and tools capable of processing huge amounts of information this becomes a difficult task. This is where Comarch Roaming Monitoring comes into play.

Based on big data architecture and analysis of network signalling, Comarch Roaming Monitoring gives you a customer perspective of your roaming service. It helps you to improve your operational efficiency, protect revenues, increase customer experience levels and support your business development. Dedicated features for customer care, service operation centers, back office teams, marketing units and roaming departments make Comarch Roaming Monitoring a game-changer in the assurance domain. It is an invaluable product for CSPs seeking to become truly customer-focused digital service providers.

Comarch Roaming Monitoring is also a part of the broader Customer Experience Management (CEM) system. Comarch CEM plays an overarching role in service monitoring and service quality management, transforming the latter by providing an insight into customers’ perceptions of services. It helps network providers make the leap from network/resource-centric operations to customer-focused ones. Its modular approach allows you to select the tools you need, and remains open for extension with the deployment of additional modules in the future. Comarch Roaming Monitoring, as one of the CEM modules, is fully integrated with other CEM components and with Comarch’s OSS products.

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Benefits of implementing a system for monitoring the quality of roaming services - Comarch Roaming Monitoring:

Improve your efficiency and protect revenues

Speed up troubleshooting processes for roaming customers, prioritize your incidents and solve problems faster to protect your revenues.

Unburden your customer care operations

Provide sufficient information to customer care agents to increase your first call resolution rate and reduce back-office workload.

Validate and steer your marketing decisions

Analyze volume, behavior and service usage for roaming customers so that you can make wise decisions regarding service packaging and marketing campaigns, resulting in increased revenues.

Optimize your costs and network investments

Manage your roaming partners, agreements, steering policies and transit traffic to improve your financial efficiency and secure improved customer experience.

Key Features

Key Features - Roaming Monitoring

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