Enterprise Billing, Charging & Revenue Management

Enterprise Billing, Charging & Revenue Management: A Billing System for Corporate Clients in Telecoms

Each line of business and customer segment has its own unique requirements in the area of charging and billing features. Comarch Enterprise Billing, Charging & Revenue Management is a unique take on telecom invoicing software. It addresses the needs of even the most complex corporate environments by providing features such as multi-branch and multi-department organizational structure support, split-billing with flexible definition of rules based on time of connection or service type, ad hoc reporting of data with current buckets consumption, charging based on thresholds, shared bundles at the level of company or branch, closed user groups, and availability of usage data and financial data in the middle of the cycle.

The product facilitates advanced, real-time cost control following customizable rules, and offers an easy way to create one invoice for all mobile, fixed, hosting and IoT services. Company hierarchy and rules for split-billing, including support for billing on behalf functionality to allow third-party invoice creation, can be defined. The system was designed to integrate with other Comarch modules, such as Real-time Data Control & Presentation, to provide digital invoices through channels such as Corporate Self-care, and to deliver visual insight into charging and billing data. The module is enhanced to ensure effortless payment management, collection, sub-ledger, and accounting.

Putting the Digital Customer Experience at The Heart of Telco Omnichannel Strategies

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Benefits of implementing a billing system for corporate clients - Comarch Enterprise Billing, Charging & Revenue Management:

One Invoice and hub billing

Aggregation of data from numerous billing tools to generate a single invoice.

Support for complex company hierarchy

Multi-branch and multi-department support functionalities.

Trial invoicing

Possibility to review invoices prior to approval.

Digital invoice, online data access

Online access to invoices with drill-down analysis possibilities to a single event.

Split billing

Split charges between numerous third parties.

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