Convergent Billing System

What is Comarch Convergent Billing System?

As telecoms adjust to the business environment of the digital era and launch innovative services based on the Internet of Things, often in collaboration with partners, billing systems – in particular telecom cloud billing – gain a new and powerful role in facilitating new services that are based on real customer needs and are monetized efficiently. This requires close attention to be paid to telecom revenue management.

Comarch Convergent Billing System is a key product of Comarch BSS, pre-integrated with other modules such as the Comarch Product Catalog and Comarch BSS Mediation. Comarch CBS allows real-time charging for any service type, and facilitates the development of new business models in cooperation with partners – a key element in expanding business in the digital world. Comarch Convergent Billing System is a high capacity, flexible and scalable service-agnostic telecom billing data management system which can be used by service providers to monetize services ranging from traditional telecommunications through MVNO and IoT to modern digital services. Comarch BSS tools are also featured in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Revenue and Customer Management.

How to Transform Your BSS to Become a “Service Provider of Everything"
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Benefits of Comarch Real-time Convergent Billing System product:

Evolve your business with a trusted and proven tool

Comarch Convergent Billing has been trusted by more than 20 communication service providers worldwide including KPN (the Netherlands), Siminn (Iceland), Turkcell Europe (Germany), CableCom (Mexico) and TV Cable (Ecuador).

Bill and charge for any type of service in real time

Increase business efficiency by using one flexible and accurate tool for billing, charging, rating, invoicing and collection regardless of customer, market or service types. Extend discounts or new pricings ranging from simple to highly complex.

Simplify Management and Speed Up Billing Processes

Accelerate and simplify billing processes. Comarch CBS' user friendly GUI supports flexible definition and flow of mass processes like rating, invoicing, printing with validations and checks that can be executed after each stage.

Increase accuracy 

Easily charge based on multiple factors like time, bytes and event content at any given time. Use the powerful tool to automatically correct your invoices and increase customer satisfaction with flexible invoice-level discounts.

Develop new business models in cooperation with partners

Implement multi-sided business models which include cooperation with content providers, OTTs, application providers, MVNOs or industry verticals and launch new services on behalf of partners with the on-behalf billing functionality. 

Control digital services in real time

Ensure better control over service usage for specific groups of subscribers thanks to the Comarch Service Controller Module which enables real-time session, credit and balance control and set monthly data quotas or geographical restrictions for specific SIM cards.

Facilitate pre-paid service management 

Define and generate vouchers and PINs using the flexible and open Comarch Voucher & Top-up management module.

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