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Enable network slicing and benefit from 5G monetization with a future-proof telco network solution

Technology is evolving more rapidly and dramatically than at any time in the past, meaning that telecommunications operators must transform their networks just as quickly – innovating and automating in order to take advantage of new business opportunities. Right now, all the focus is on 5G and the promise it offers in terms of network slicing, private networks and more. Our latest research shows that up to 95% of operators expect NaaS to have a major impact in driving revenues, and almost a third of those believe that it will be a real game-changer. In order to benefit fully from the advantages of 5G networks, operators need to implement future-proof OSS and BSS solutions.

Comarch’s comprehensive portfolio helps operators enable exciting new 5G capabilities, model 5G services for end customers and third-party players flexibly, manage complex cooperation, handle revenue streams between partners who participate in the whole chain of 5G service delivery, provide multi-technology networks, maximize resource efficiency, and open new markets for communication services. From a powerful, single platform based on 3GPP standards, our customers can enable network as a service and network slicing with full multi-tenancy, orchestration and monitoring, private 5G networks, real-time inventory with dynamic network re-configuration, 5G network self-healing, and AI-powered 5G network management. To make the 5G services even more tailored to each customer’s needs, we’re empowering operators with AI/ML-powered intent-driven solutions for 5G network modelling, orchestration, and processing.

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Discover Comarch’s solutions and get ready for the future of 5G

  • Monetize network slicing and NaaS with full functionality
  • Deliver private 5G
  • Increase the pace of innovation to bring new types of services to market
  • Open up new markets

  • Discover new and profitable business models
  • On-board new technologies easily as they emerge
  • Be ready to meet customers’ demands and expectations

Find out how we helped LG U+ deploy the first 5G network in the world

On the Road to 5G: The First 5G Network Launch in the World

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