Resource Order Management

Comarch OSS Resource Order Management – a Smart Automation Tool for Telecom Network Planners

The Comarch Resource Order Management service simplifies network planners’ daily activities. All repeatable tasks can be delegated to ROM smart engine, allowing planners to focus on strategic network planning and optimization.

In addition, Comarch ROM product gives operators the ability to design and automatically provision complex, hybrid, multi-technology and multi-vendor network services, and to automate day-2 operations. The core of our Resource Order Manager is based on the model-driven TM Forum SID approach, which ensures easy design of new automation flows by reusing already existing specifications and templates in the write-once-use-many-times approach. This makes introducing and implementing new designs much quicker and easier.

ROM is a tool in the middle, with NBI and SBI compliant with the TMF Open API. This allows various deployment models, where Resource Order Manager can act as an umbrella automation solution over complex multi-domain and multi-vendor networks, or as a command and control entity taking in the customer order for service assembly, decomposing it and delegating the work to external provisioning entities.

Resource Order Manager is also an enabler for the self-maintenance cognitive OSS experience of the future, where AI-assisted algorithms will detect network problems and address them automatically by executing corrective actions.

Press Release: Resource Order Management Enables Efficient Fulfillment of Modern 5G-based Services in LG U+:

The key driver in the process was the preparation for a massive deployment of the Korean communication service provider’s 5G network. The main goals of LG U+ were to optimize internal company processes and improve the overall end-user experience...

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The Use Of AI and ML for Automated Cross Vendor VNF Self Healing and Auto Scaling

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Benefits of the Comarch OSS Resource Order Management Product:

Utilize intent-based approach

Comarch OSS ROM product uses an intent-based approach to orchestration, where complex topologies are created by simple requests.

Let employees focus on important tasks

ROM automation frees valuable human resources from repetitive tasks, which reduces the effort required for network modernization and maintenance.

Reduce time to market

Model-driven, reusable elements of Resource Order Management reduce time to market.

Choose easy implementation

Our ROM product is an easily deployable tool that can fit seamlessly in the middle of the customer’s existing software stack.

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The Successful Rollout of 5G Base Stations with Comarch OSS

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