Korea’s LG U+ is Now Monitoring its Whole Network Using Comarch OSS

Kraków, 24.02.2020 – Starting 24th February 2020 LG U+ are monitoring their mobile and fixed network using Comarch software, as a result of a comprehensive OSS transformation.

The key driver in the process was the preparation for a massive deployment of the Korean communication service provider’s 5G network, officially launched in April 2019. The main goals of LG U+ were to optimize internal company processes and improve the overall end-user experience.

The Comarch OSS implementation started in June 2019, and was split into number of phases focusing on:

  • the mobile network, including the newly deployed 5G network, NB-IoT, as well as the current 4G infrastructure
  • the fixed network, covering technologies such as fiber, copper, HFC, IP/MPLS and DWDM
  • legacy and virtualized networks
  • business services such as mobile access, fixed access, leased lines, VoD and VoIP.

LG U+ users across Operations Management Center (OMC) and Customer Care received a comprehensive platform covering network and service assurance processes, including data analytics, fault management, service monitoring, performance management, service quality management, customer experience management, incident management, problem management, change management, network auto-discovery & reconciliation, and configuration management.

Combined with the Comarch Network Inventory Management system, launched on production in September 2019, the new solution paves the way towards zero-touch network and service management.

This is the final step toward a comprehensive migration, being supported by the LG CNS as an integrator, from the LG U+ in-house solution to a modern and comprehensive telco ecosystem. In preparation for the 5G network deployment, Comarch ensured the efficiency of future fulfillment processes for 5G services, automated network management, and provided support for network virtualization and new tools to create logical connectivity layers.

The delivery of Comarch OSS, which comprises close to 20 modules, empowered LG U+ with a world-class, integrated solution enabling the efficient management of services delivered via mobile and fixed networks.

The finalization of the Comarch OSS solution delivery for LG U+ is an important milestone for us. Supporting one of the first deployments of a commercial 5G network puts our company at the true forefront of innovation. Close cooperation, mutual trust and the can-do attitude of all three parties involved in the project (LGU+, Comarch and LG CNS), were essential to overcome technical challenges and cultural differences which are inherent in such complex transformation projects.

– says Paweł Workiewicz, Head of Telco OSS Division at Comarch.

At LG U+ we were using an in-house developed OSS stack. As the IT architecture was divided into silos, which entailed a number of challenges regarding the introduction of new technologies such as 5G and network virtualization. The successful implementation of the Comarch comprehensive OSS platform enabled us to realize digital transformation and become a cutting-edge, customer-focused CSP – noted Hokyung Kwon, NMS Development Team Leader at LGU+. 

About LG U+

LG U+ was established on July 11, 1996 and has been transforming the lives of customers ever since. We strive to develop telecommunications services, high-speed Internet, VoIP and IPTV services, as well as other data services. In fact, we were the first in the world to establish a nationwide LTE network with super high-speed services of the highest quality. Advancing into the era of 5G and IoT, LG U+ continues to create higher standards of service and make our customers happy.

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