Retail & Consumer Goods

Products for the Retail & Consumer Goods industry

Loyalty Management

With our loyalty products you are able to effectively manage the relationship with your customers. Customer loyalty programs are rapidly evolving – do not fall behind.

Campaign Management

Launching a campaign and analyzing results can be easy. With this tool you can effectively run a campaign and create your strategy based on facts and customer insights.

Data Exchange & Document Management

The benefits for FMCG and Retail include: lower costs, efficient time management, increased security, easier access to information and increased control over documents.

Omnichannel Sales

Explore Comarch products that are designed to streamline operation of trading companies by resolving standard problems encountered in everyday work.

Comarch ICT

Effective management, data security, backups, and reduced costs are all major keys to your success. The millions of transactions that occur require reliable IT Infrastructure.

Online Distribution

Modern platform for communication and data interchange between producers and their network of distributors

Master Data Management

Manage product data and exchange them with partners worldwide via one cloud-based platform

Infraspace Cloud

The family of Comarch Infraspace Cloud solutions help you modernize your approach to the cloud, upgrade the quality of services and optimize costs faster than ever.

Diagnostic Point

Extend your offer and attract more customers with our telemedicine solution. Comarch Diagnostic Point enables the measurement of vital parameters on-site

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