Program Management Services

Comarch provides dedicated resources and works closely with you to manage company’s day-to-day operations. Dedicated and highly experienced program managers coordinate your loyalty program by executing operational tasks, software application administration, as well as providing expert guidance.


By choosing Comarch you will mitigate the risk of program management while simultaneously freeing up internal resources through delegating time-consuming processes. 

The scope of services provided by Comarch program managers include:

  • managing the workload of Comarch employees engaged in the project (Single Point of Contact)
  • support in program organization to selection and management of marketing services providers, partners and subcontractors
  • managing all administrative tasks within the Comarch Loyalty Management system (configuration and execution of loyalty campaigns, updating accrual rules)
  • generating periodic reports on the performance of the program (KPIs)
  • conducting anti-fraud policy along with the preparation of fraud reports

Program Management Services - infographic


  • Initial Program Configuration
  • Program Configuration Updates - Outsourcing
  • Partner & Subcontractor Management
  • Reporting & Program Performance Monitoring
  • Digital Marketing Support
  • Defining loyalty promotion rules that specify the number of points to be given to program members
  • Defining member segments/target groups  
  • Setting up rewards including vouchers, products, services, points conversions to other programs and instant redemption
  • Configuring elite tier rules that specify qualifying conditions and points accrual bonuses
  • Determining points expiration rules as well as points transferring conditions
  • Configuration of program web portal
  • Setting up new points issuance rules
  • Testing developed rules and the modification of existing ones
  • Setting up new catalog items based on received product lists and administration of any changes and updates
  • Modification of the parameters of existing tier structures or creating new tier types
  • System user management, setup of roles and profiles
  • Administration/modification of dynamic (marketing messages, graphics) and static content (general information, FAQs, T&Cs) within the program web portal
  • Integration of new partners into the program
  • Reporting of settlements between partners
  • Handling relationships with strategic partners
  • Selection of potential service providers
  • Establishing partnerships with subcontractors
  • Program KPI monitoring
  • Creation of report template layouts and contents
  • Generation of ad-hoc reports from data available in the system
  • Data visualization and management of delivery reports
  • Monitoring  of service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Coordinating creative service providers (agencies from local markets or a main agency)
  • Campaign Management System ongoing configuration - planning, configuring and executing omnichannel marketing campaigns
  • Campaign communication quality testing (A/B tests, control groups, technical tests)
  • On-going monitoring of campaign performance
  • Providing periodic reports with recommendations, advisory service consisting of analyzing customer behavior when targeted via different channels, e.g. email open rates, response rates, social media click-through rate etc.



Comarch Program Management services enables you to:

  • achieve rapid time to market for your marketing ideas.
  • optimize your programs operational costs by using an experienced program management team and shared service resources.
  • increase the quality of program organization and management.
  • improve program service levels for both members and internal stakeholders.
  • access resources not available internally.

Our Clients



    Comarch Loyalty Management for BP GLOBAL
  • Heathrow Airport

    Heathrow Airport

    Comarch Loyalty Management for Heathrow Airport
  • Jetblue Airways

    Jetblue Airways

    Comarch Loyalty Management Travel Edition at Jetblue Airways
  • Hudson’s Bay Company

    Hudson’s Bay Company

    Comarch Loyalty Management implementation at Hudson’s Bay Company
  • True Value

    True Value

    Comarch Loyalty Management implementation at True Value
  • Brussels Airlines

    Brussels Airlines

    Implementation of Comarch Loyalty Management for Brussels Airlines
  • Enterprise Rent-a-Car

    Enterprise Rent-a-Car

    Comarch Loyalty Management for Enterprise Rent-a-Car
  • Livelo Brasil

    Livelo Brasil

    Implementation of Coamrch Loyalty Management at Livelo Brasil
  • Natura Brasil

    Natura Brasil

    Implementation of Comarch Loyalty Management
  • Vingroup


    Vingroup a coalition loyalty program in Asia
  • S7 Airlines

    S7 Airlines

    Comarch Loyalty Management at S7 Airlines
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