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About Nicols

Nicols Group is a leading European manufacturer focused on the market of household cleaning products: sponges, scouring sponges, wipes and microfiber wipes, air fresheners, toilet care products, insecticides and moth-repellent products. Nicols is one of the most important manufacturers of this type of specialized products for the European market. Headquartered in Belgium, and the main production centers are located in factories in France and Poland.

Business Objectives

Recent years have brought dynamic development and growth of sales in the European market for Nicols Group. Poland has become a strategic market. With the increase in financial results, there appeared increased needs for IT infrastructure, including data center resources. The ultimate catalyst for the project turned out to be the internal transformation of the company, including migration of the Nicols headquarters to a new office in Nivelles, Belgium. On this occasion there was a need to find a new server room. Comarch’s offering turned out to be the most competitive one.

The project has three main goals:

  • Reducing overall IT costs
  • Making new solution more scalable
  • Shortening the reaction time of the IT

Our Clients

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    What Were The Advanatage of Comarch?

    The most important success factor was Comarch engagement from the beginning of the sales process. Our experience and previous successes in the processes of large migrations to the Comarch cloud - not just a single application, but even complete IT environments - have proven to be our strong advantages. In addition, our customer has highly evaluated our substantive preparation and organization.

    After several months of collaboration, the customer wanted to build Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) and wanted to negotiate the terms of the transition from IaaS to PaaS service models. After two extra months we agreed on all the technical and financial conditions. In the first place, Comarch would build a DRC solution and in the next few months, the customer would gradually implement PaaS service.

    OCTOBER 2012

    Talks about the project began

    JULY 2013

    Start of project implementation

    DECEMBER 2013

    Successful completion of the implementation and the beginning of the operational phase – providing continuous services (IaaS)

    Why Has Nicols Decided to Choose Comarch?

    • Experience in projects with similar Data Center specifics
    • Robust Comarch brand and international activities
    • Flexible offer and solutions for the client
    • Individual approach to the project
    • Sharing the risk with the client
    • Beneficial financing model adapted to the needs pf the customer

    Characteristics of services

    In July 2013, the process of data migration from the current headquarters to our cloud began. At this stage, we acquired the know-how from the existing IT service provider, prepared our systems to accept Nicols applications and in December we started providing a whole set of services known as IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service. In June 2014 Comarch launched Data Recovery Center (DRC) for Nicols and it was located in Comarch Data Center in Warsaw.

    Scope of services

    OVER 30






    More About The Implemented Product

    Comarch Data Center

    Comarch Data Centers are modern data processing and storage facilities used as an alternative for companies to expanding their IT infrastructure resources.

    Benefits for Nicols

    • Aaccessibility of it resources on demand - full scalability not only increases the demand for ict services but also reduces contracted resources
    • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of the it department
    • Optimization of it costs
    • Comarch’s flexible approach to project development

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