Drosed & Comarch ICT Solution

About Drosed

Drosed Group is part of the French LDC group, Europe’s leading poultry producer that makes over EUR 3 million in annual revenues. Drosed Group is a major Polish poultry producer and an owner of brands such as Podlaski, Drosed, Zagrodowy and Drop.

Challenges and Implemented Product

One of major challenges in the process of migrating Data Centre services to Comarch was to assure business continuity. We started by  identifying customer’s expectations, specifying facilities in place and identifying key elements. Solutions supporting Drosed’s business include an ERP Oracle JD Edwards system and a dedicated business intelligence solution. The company had looked for a technology partner that would be capable of providing services to a required standard and facilitate effective operation of business support systems.

One of great challenges within the project was to transform the DB2 database into an Oracle base. This part of the project was also delivered by Comarch S.A., with the support from the customer’s IT department. All systems and business data were migrated to Comarch with utmost care and safety measures in place.

Comarch came to manage Grupa Drosed’s WAN, developed technological specification and installed new edge devices and telecommunication lines at all of the customer’s locations. It also provided mobile users with access to company’s resources and prepared and installed Cisco Anyconnect.


The deployed CNMS solution and Comarch’s Data Centre gives the customer several benefits, both within operating and business areas:

  • A transparent quality assessment solution, covered with a Service Level Agreement;
  • Previous experience with similar projects (Esselte, SAP);
  • A single touch point – the responsibility for communication with technological partners rests on Comarch (i.e. telecommunication providers, a company installing the ERP system, a data migration partner);
  • The focus of the customer’s IT department on Drosed’s business goals;
  • Guaranteed short time before the IT system restarts thanks to the continuous monitoring service;
  • Steady service cost (monthly subscription fee);
  • Network optimization geared to meet business needs, guaranteed optimization of relevant parameters and related external cost (connections, hardware updates);
  • Selection of an optimum architecture for the structure of Drosed’s branches and software used;
  • An option to provide additional services;
  • Access to latest technologie.

More About The Implemented Product

Comarch Data Center

Comarch Network Managed Services

Remarks from Drosed

Comarch’s wide range of services and many years of experience were crucial factors behind our decision. We have appreciated Comarch’s professional attitude throughout the project and good communication between Drosed and Comarch. As a result, the project was successfully delivered, as scheduled and within the budget."

Dariusz Orchowski
CFO at Drosed

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