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  • Outsourced IT services come to the rescue in Covid-19

    Read the e-book and find out how outsourcing can help optimize spending on IT services, what are the key pros and cons of nearshoring, offshoring and onshoring methods, which countries are best suited for outsourcing, especially IT, and much more

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  • Things You Don't Hear About The Cloud

    In this White Paper, we focus on such elements exactly. Covering a wide range of topics - from the performance of cloud applications, through the SLAs, to common mistakes and real benefits - this document was created to help you better understand the nature of the Cloud and find a solution that meets your company's requirements.

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  • How to Achieve Maximum Business Advantage by Keeping Your Mainframe in Perfect Shape?

    Contemporary business challenges are largely the result of the astronomical surge in data volumes and the need to analyze this information. Data are handled by the world’s most advanced devices - mainframe computers. In order to cope with whatever challenges lie ahead, your mainframe environment must be optimized and maintained to ensure that it can handle the workload efficiently.

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  • Cut and Control Costs with Comarch POWER Cloud

    Pay As You Go model | Savings of up to 40% | Ongoing maintenance by qualified engineers | Full support for transfer and relaunch | Tailor-made with Cloud Managed Services

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  • Discussing New Threats To Data Security

    Read this brand-new E-Book and find out | How to improve your cybersecurity strategy today | What is the best approach to data security | Which tools can help you defend your business

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  • Managing Organizational Data Security

    Our material will help you | Prepare yourself for various kinds of malicious threats | Establish a successful security strategy | Choose the right IT foundation for your business

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  • Outsourcing Trends in Western Europe

    "IDC research shows that practically all major European organizations, and over 80% of smaller organizations, see digital transformation as major business priority."

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  • How to ensure security for your business and reduce it expenditure by up to 50%?

    Read our e-book and learn more abou | Features of private cloud based on IBM solutions | Private Cloud Security | Savings offered by Private Cloud | How a private cloud help with the GDPR

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  • How to Protect Your Company against Major Problems?

    Read our e-book and learn | What can cause data loss | Fundamental principles of effective data protection | What is business data backup | What is IBM FashCopy | GDPR and backup: what do you have to remember

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  • The Importance of Service Desk

    Are you sure that every key area of your organization is protected by specialized IT engineers who will react quickly in the case of any failure or problem?

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  • How to Upgrade Your Business with IT Services

    Love it or loathe it, outsourcing is already a permanent feature of business strategies and changes your ways of working.

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  • Ensure the Correct Functioning of Your Application with Managed Multi-Cloud Services

    There are multiple reasons for organizations to use the multi-cloud. It might be ensuring high availability of applications using the infrastructure of two or more clouds, or a lessening dependency on a specific vendor (“vendor lock-in”) and a strengthening an organization’s negotiating position by transferring some resources to a competitive cloud.

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  • Disaster Recovery Center Guaranteeing Business Continuity

    Threats to business continuity are usually caused by local hardware failures, Internet connection disruptions or data loss.

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  • Comarch, HPE and AMD EPYCTM solution upgrades Telecommunication service in a Flash

    Read our latest case study and learn more | How to store and process the increasing amount of data effectively | How to minimize cost and maximize value | How to improve manageability in your company.

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  • A Practical Guide to Outsourcing Your Service Desk

    Download this white paper to find out | What are the current trends in outsourcing | The right approach to outsourcing for your business | How to establish and manage an outsourced service desk | How Comarch’s Service Desk works in action

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  • Multi-cloud Services Give Comarch’s Clients Competitive Advantage

    Multicloud relies on combining different IT environments located in many clouds, as if they were in one cloud. Multicloud adoption is an important part of IT organizations’ strategies that help to maximize the business value of the cloud.

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  • CLOUD TECHNOLOGY: An Opportunity for Retailers

    In this white paper we will highlight the cloud opportunities for retail industry and how retailers can get started with cloud?

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  • Data Center Outlook

    Managing Data Center Strategies in a Fragmented Regulatory Landscape | Turning business potential into a reality can be a challenge. Choosing the right strategy unlocks the potential for innovation and meaningful business outcomes.

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  • How to Digitize your Company with Managed Services

    In this white paper you will learn how to digitize your company with Managed Services | to make your digital journey successful | can Comarch support your business | CIOs should design and build their new operating model

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  • Accelerate Your Cloud Migration Journey

    To migrate or not migrate? The process of deciding whether or when to migrate to the cloud can be daunting. In order to make the process easier for you, we have prepared this new white paper. The cloud is already one of the fastest evolving sectors of the IT industry, so it is better to be ready for upcoming changes.

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  • Comarch Streamlines Service Of Enterprise Customers With Oracle Management Cloud

    Comarch is one of the largest Polish IT vendors, manufacturers and providers of modern IT systems, and has successfully implemented more than 3 500 projects. Since the very start of its operations, Comarch has cooperated with Oracle Poland as technology and application partner.

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  • A New Approach to Personal Data Processing in a Nutshell

    Do you know how to prepare for the new General Data Protection Regulation? What rights does the controller have? What about the rights and obligations of personal data stakeholders? Thanks to our new white paper you can find answers to those questions.

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  • Time to transform your IT Infrastructure

    In today's fast changing marketplace, companies use a variety of methods to stay competitive; they look for ways to create a better product, increase efficiency and cut costs. An increasingly popular way to achieve these goals is by consolidating certain processes, IT systems and IT infrastructure.

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  • IBM Power Systems Brought To You By Comarch

    Comarch is the Certified Partner of IBM Corporation and offers a full range of IBM Power Platform products. Furthermore, Comarch Data Center offers fully managed services for those systems, what allows a company to increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with operating IBM Power Platform.

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  • Biometrics - Modern Methods of Authentication

    In this white paper you will find answers to the following questions | What is biometrics and how can we use it? | How does biometrics identification work? | How does biometrics influence our security? | Which biometrics methods can be used in everyday life?

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  • Comarch Health Check for Db2 for z/OS

    Comarch Health Check for Db2 for z/OS is a way to ensure that databases function to the best of their potential. It involves regular system audits to eliminate threats posed by non-optimal configuration settings.

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  • Detection Of Denial Of Service Attacks In Modern Cloud Environments

    Cloud computing is currently one of the fastest developing parts of the IT market and is inevitably being introduced in almost every industry. However, due to local data processing laws and security policies, companies are often unable to use public cloud resources. Instead, they stack their files in private clouds. Nevertheless, the risk of external attack is always there.

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  • Myths & Facts about IBM POWER Systems and Comarch PowerCloud

    Read the e-book and find out what IBM Power Systems and Comarch PowerCloud are, what they are capable of in terms of driving business performance, How much computing power they provide, and much more

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