Service Catalog

Service Catalog: A Tool for Defining and Managing Telecommunications Services

Comarch Service Catalog acts as a placeholder for defining service rules and enables the centralization of service specification management, which aims to increase automation of the end to end service fulfillment and service assurance processes.

The role of Service Catalog becomes even more crucial with NFV/SDN technology, where it can be used to model service chaining and drive service orchestration.

Comarch Service Catalog is compliant with the TMF SID standard and enables the management of customer facing service (CFS) specifications, as well as their decomposition and mapping into resource facing service specifications. In this way the product enables customer services to be translated into supporting technical services. In particular, technical services based on virtualized functions can play the role of “building blocks” for creating customer facing services.

Comarch Service Catalog is pre-integrated with Comarch Service Inventory, which is responsible for managing service instances so that they are created according to service specifications.

Comarch DEMO for E2E Automated Service Provisioning

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Benefits of implementing a product for defining and managing telecommunications services - Comarch Service Catalog:

Reduced time-to-market

Pre-integration with Comarch Product Catalog enables the definition of products from both the business and technical perspectives, supporting an automated order to cash process.

Pro-active management of telecom service quality

The possibility to define rules for service monitoring and service quality management facilitates Customer Experience Management.

Reduced operational costs

Through centralized and automated service management, for both fulfillment and assurance processes.

Defining Service Rules with Comarch Service Catalog:

  • CFS -> RFS decomposition rules

CFS -> RFS decomposition rules enable a customer order to be decomposed into technical orders.

  • Dependency rules

Dependency rules between services drive service fulfillment automation.

  • NFV service chaining

In particular, NFV service chaining can be modeled by dependencies between services and drive orchestration.

  • Alarm propagation rules

Alarm propagation rules structured along RFS->CFS specifications enable network alarms to be translated into customer service impact alarms.

  • Quality of service

KPI and KQI definition and formulas enable the Comarch SQM module to manage service quality.

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